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Selling your RV? Tips to make it ready for the travel season

Selling your RV? Tips to make it ready for the travel season

Wednesday March 28, 2018,

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Let’s sell my RV online to pocket some quick cash. If the thought crossed your mind from time to time, stop waiting anymore. This is the best time of the year to put up your motor home for sale. That is because about 30 million US citizens hit the roads when the weather is pleasant, colorful blossoms set gardens and national parks ablaze, fruits ripen, making the country roads look stunning. Another eight million Americans like to travel in style in luxury motor homes and pitch a tent at breathtaking camping grounds. So, make most of this trend and advertise your rig on an RV site. But before that, you need to prep up your rig and make it ready for your prospective buyers. Only cleaning and painting your home on wheels will not help. You need to check all its essential components to make it travel-safe. So here are a few tips to make your RV ready this spring before you sell it online:

Check the batteries

When your RV was sitting idle in your parking lot throughout winter, you may have skipped checking the batteries. Now that you have decided to sell your rig, the cells require cleaning and testing before the onset of the travel season. However, cleaning corroded or worn out batteries and testing their fluid levels may prove to be a hazardous task. Make sure that you wear proper rubber gloves and safety glasses to do your job. If need be, take out the wires. But, first, label every connection using masking tapes as well as markers. You may also need to do a load test. Keep the batteries fully charged for successful testing. Replace them if necessary and avoid mixing new and old battery types.

Look at the exterior

Walk around the vehicle to inspect the exterior of your home on wheels. If you had parked your motorhome under a tree, it is likely that the vehicle roof and outer body were stained due to bird droppings or tree sap. As a seller, it’s your responsibility to present a spick and span RV to your seller. Therefore, to get rid of any possible stains, you should deep clean the exterior with commercial cleaning materials. You will easily get them at an RV supply store near you.

Inspect the tires

Before you put your vehicle ad up online, check whether its tires have enough pressure as well as adequate rubber on its circumference. It ensures safe contact of your motorhome with the road. Look for cracks or bulges on the tires’ treads and sides. Test the wheel bearings carefully because damaged ones may lead to serious mechanical issues and consequently road accidents. Additionally, you must also check the headlights, brake pads, and turn signals before customers visit you for the personal inspection of your RV. Fix Water Leaks

With years of RV-ing, your dated rig becomes susceptible to problems like water leakage. The possible causes of leakage may be a damaged roof seal or a leaking air conditioner. Therefore, look for broken seals and caulking materials around doors, windows, seams, and roof vents. Repair all cracks and leaks. Do not ignore even the smallest gaps or holes. You would not like the idea of a potential buyer greeted by a pool of water on the floor and refusing to buy your RV.

Check smoke detectors

Test all smoke detectors to ascertain whether they are working or not. If the batteries need replacement, do so. If your rig does not have a carbon monoxide detector, install one. Besides, you must also check the fire extinguishers before putting your RV up for sale.

Follow these simple tips to initiate a smooth selling process. Do not just waste time thinking how to sell my RV online. Instead, take the right steps to ensure that your rig is travel-ready and start wooing your prospective customers with confidence. 


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