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Mumbai City- The trendsetter of infrastructural development in the country

Wednesday June 28, 2017,

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The modern India is witnessing an evolution of the construction sector with very interesting projects in all sectors of Infrastructure. High rise structures being risen, giant constructions are being build which include residential/commercial blocks up to a height of 320 meters. India as a country is growing rapidly in terms of infrastructure, and with that the cities of the nation as well. We have several prominent cities like Delhi, Nagpur, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. However, perhaps none of them can be compared to the city of dreams, Mumbai!

Mumbai is a city which has always been the center of industrial, economic or civilization growth. Since a long time, the city has attracted a number of traders, businessmen, companies, etc. Towards it. Mumbai has witnesses a paradigm shift in terms of its infrastructure, however it wasn’t over night. Its one of the most populated cities in the country, so you can imagine how difficult it must have been to grow as a city, which also happens to be the backbone of the nation’s economy.

The city has the highest GDP among all Indian cities and accounts for the largest share of tax paid to the government. The population is constantly growing & with that Mumbai has been grappling with its infrastructure which proves to be quite inadequate. However, considering the rise Construction Equipment Rental Companies in Mumbai who have started bringing the modern technology, equipment & materials in the city, next phase of Mumbai’s growth spurt is not very far away.

This hyper-local organism spans across a massive area. Mumabi is built on an archipelago of seven islands named Bombay Island, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli, and Old Woman's Island. The rich history of the city adds an aura of heritage to the infrastructure of the city. So how is a city with such a long history is dawning the modern infrastructure on itself?

The Era of Concrete:

Perhaps the biggest addition to the city’s infrastructure was the use of high quality concrete. The concrete designs and construction practices of today are strength driven. Concrete of higher grades are now being used for high-rise buildings in India. Even the contractors are smarter nowadays. Instead of investing efforts & resources in the repair and replacement work, they have started paying more attention on durability issues. Its a very compelling evidence as to how the concrete construction practice during the last two decades have be driven by durability in addition to strength. After realization of the need for durable concrete structures, the composition of concrete has undergone changes. From just being an amalgamation of three to four elements like water, cement, aggregates, etc. Concrete has moved up to being a more compound & complex material. Along with the advanced concrete, modern techniques also use the Prestressed Rock Anchors in Mumbai for construction purposes.