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Innovative Solution to Gas Odour Problem

 Gas Odour Neutraliser - Good Bye to Fart Problem

Wednesday January 04, 2017,

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Everyone has found him or herself in a situation that left them red-faced and wishing the Earth would gulp them whole.

Don’t worry; it’s perfectly normal to have at least one embarrassing experience at some point in your life, though many of us have experienced way more than that!

Surat-based Green Finch Textiles Pvt Ltd launched GON or Gas Odour Neutraliser for individual care. Primarily a technical textile, the product is a lifestyle product and not a medical product and could come to the aid of those suffering from flatulence. The company has invested Rs 4 Cr on the plant that can produce 10-15 lakhs pieces per month.

The company provides odour avoidance solutions for refrigerators, footwear, automobiles, apart from nose masks, under arm pads and solutions for garments of regular use.

The company’s motto is: “Lets Live Limitless”. The product is supportive to the consumers in day to day lifestyle. The company main objective is to care about the hygiene of the customers.

The product is:

                - Easy to use

                - Comfortable to wear

                - Odour neutralizer

                - Gives confidence

                - Anti Microbial

                - Multi time usage

                - For all age groups

The 3 products of the company are:


 FRESTEP By GON can fix your bad odour from your shoes.

Whether the odor is coming from your feet or the moisture left in your shoes, it’s fairly simple to get under control. Wear FRESTEP inside The Shoes as Insole & Avoid All The Bad Smell & Odour Coming From Shoes & Live Healthy Life.


It's a cotton cloth which is to be wore inside the inner-ware & It absorbs all the foul bad smell. Smelly farts can be a major source of embarrassment, not only for the person who farts, but also for the people around them. It absorbs all the bad smell of fart and keeps you confident amongst people. The product is a cloth pad meant to be worn with the undergarments. A Gas Odor Neutralizer with activated physico-chemical natural adsorption technology which is comfortable, discreet, antimicrobial and adsorbs embarrassing odors.


With a help of "FRESTORE Product", you can make your refrigerator smell fresh and clean. Nothing is quite as unappetizing as awful smells coming from fridge. It’s very important to eat healthy food but it’s more important to keep those healthy foods at healthy place. It will disinfect, deodorize and still be safe for food.

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. Prepare yourself in a best possible manner with our products.

Visit: https://www.gon.co.in