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Trend of Email Marketing Today

Trend of Email Marketing Today

Thursday May 12, 2016,

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Any business or startup will always need some marketing strategies. E-mail marketing is a boon for startups today to amass a large number of customers. So here let me tell you a little secret of email marketing.

Marketing automation is the future of email marketing

Generally we are following one-to-many mail service , but now we are entering the age of one-to-one or one-to-few email marketing. 

Why is marketing automation the future of email marketing?

The short answer is that marketing automation will have a huge impact on the conversation rate with your customers. This doesn't sound surprising but it's obvious that personally-customized and tailored emails for your customers will make them more contented than static and auto-generated emails.


How to achieve marketing automation in email marketing?

Below I quote some examples that will help you to understand how to use one-to-few or one-to-one strategy in email-marketing:

- If a customer requests for "social media marketing" send them emails with relevant details and also some suggestions for Facebook, Twitter groups to follow.

- Attach with your emails some inspiring and motivating quotes for students demanding for exams study materials or tutorials.

- Give links to additional websites to help customers learn more about specific query.

- Add any relevant song or video with your email to make your customer be more in touch with you always.

- Last, but not the least don't forgot to invite your customers for visiting again to your website or company.

Don't build links, build relationships