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TOP 10 Coloring Books For Adults – Easy Choice For Easy Life

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TOP 10 Coloring Books For Adults – Easy Choice For Easy Life

Wednesday February 22, 2017,

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Need to destress after the long busy hours or filling up the blank spaces while waiting for your flight? Or maybe you love drawing since childhood but your dream of becoming a popular artist didn't come true? Try a new spare-time activity – coloring books! Nowadays they gain more and more popularity and it is not surprising. According to recent researches, there are some health benefits of coloring books for adults.

Art Therapy

Coloring has the therapeutic effect which helps to cure some psychiatric diseases like epilepsy. Of course, such cases are not common in our society but anyway therapeutic benefits work for healthy people as well. Coloring books reduce nervousness, help you to calm down and to relax.

Meditation Effects

Sometimes we really need to get out anxious thoughts and concentrate on our feelings. Coloring is a good alternative to meditation in this case - it will help you to reach such condition relaxing your mind and body.


Coloring books allow you to express your thoughts and emotions. If you have some bad feelings inside, just let them come out. Leave your stress in such book and feel good.

Creativity Development

Coloring is a kind of creative activities – all you need is to choose colors and learn how to combine them. As a result, you will gain more creative experience and will be able to use it in your work and personal life.

Collective Activity

There are social groups and clubs where people can color together and interact. Such meetings are especially popular among young moms who want to escape from daily routine for a while and have a chat and a glass of wine. They can bring their children with them.

Fun For Everybody

Numerous authors of coloring books offer a great variety of pictures to fit everyone. These books have become extremely popular activity for relaxing and entertainment in the last time.

Here you will find the collection of TOP 10 Coloring Books – make your choice and begin to create.

1. Coloring Notebook. The best combination of traditional day planner and coloring pages for those who like coloring and need relaxation during a hard-working day. It is a stylish hardbacked leather book, some pages of which are usual pages for making notes and others contain beautiful pictures for taking pleasure of coloring. Over 50 different designs were developed by world-class illustrators that help you to relax and have a rest coloring them. You can choose between various styles – from realistic pictures of animals to absolute abstractionism. The notebooks are made of the high-quality materials. They have unique and presentable look so, you will draw attention while drawing your personal little masterpieces

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ColoringNotebook website" alt="ColoringNotebook website" />

2. The Mandala Coloring Book. As you know, mandalas were traditionally used by Hindus to reach inner calm before meditation. The book includes pictures having the similar effect. The author created designs which inspire you to express yourself and at the same time ease the nerves by coloring. At the beginning, you will find the instructions and some useful information as well.


3. The Midnight Coloring Book. This book differs from others by its original design – ground color is black. Complete psychedelic red and white pictures prepared for you by the author to make them even more strange and mystical. The book is for those who desire to dive into fantastic world – let your dream come true.


4. Game of Thrones. Another coloring book for fantasy lovers. Characters of the popular serial are waiting for you on the pages of this edition. If you are not agreed with the producer about some features of your favorite imaginary creatures, it is a good chance for you to change them as you want. Enjoy yourself while waiting for a new season.


5. Pusheen Coloring Book. It seems that the book was prepared for small Purheen fans but adult audience enjoy it no less than kids. Charming pictures of lovely kitty will touch the feelings of cat lovers and guarantee a pleasant leisure time.


6. A Cozy Coloring Cook Book. If you are familiar with A Cozy Kitchen blog, you have already had a chance to duly appreciate simple and delicate dishes offered by the author. This cookbook includes not only delicious recipes, but also beautiful and interesting food pictures. The book was created with a humor - the author's lovely dog appears at some pages: sitting on the table and eating prepared food or trying to steel something really delicious. A good present for new cooker.


7. Together: A Mommy + Me Coloring Book. Good choice for those who have a child. The book has pictures for both kids and adults, so that you can spend your spare time together with your child. While “adult” pictures are more complex and detailed, pages for young artists are simple enough for children of all ages. The pages can be easily taken away which ease the process of coloring together.


Don't forget to buy crayons and start creating!