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city girl speaks 


Thursday May 19, 2016,

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There are very few instances in life when you meet someone and the person leaves a deep-rooted impact on you and your perception. Very few people can manage to do that!

When today's generation was cavling about life and what they have lost their valuable time in searching for something so not necessary ,here was this girl out of her nest wanted to make it big and worth a living.

Nilanjana Banerjee has been one of those distinctive personalities ,for whom life was much more than living it the way it was or 'going with the flow'.Comming from the city of Asansol, this girl has brought not only her luggage but also brought along with a bag full of dreams along with a unrivalled confidence.On her final year of graduation, she has every thing sorted out to the perfection. After graduation from shri -shikshayatan college,kolkata , she plans for a masters in business from the premier b-schools.T But thats not where her journey is heading to, this cute five feet something, has much more to take from life than this. She dreams of standing as one of the most successful entrepreneur of your country. One step ahead to this dream was to join the Entrepreneurship cell for further training. She has won a series of awards for her excellent performance in this feild and has recently joined as a trainee under one of the top-most FMCG companies.


But hey! u think life has been that easy for her, not according to what she says

" For me its all about giving yourself that push that is needed. I never wanted to have this one life and not make it worth it. YES i have been like bleh!( smiles) a lot of times but ya! and may be plan A dint work!big deal, you have 25 alphabets more , stay calm ."

Her approach towards life is just what is needed right now for every person who wants to build something worth-while in life.Knowing your aims is not enough, going to that limit is important. May be you did face success , "big deal" she says!

" You can never judge anyone, he lives his life own life is his own terms and that is what the person should be proud of."

Planning to start her won chain of restaurants and a retail venture! its all the good luck we wish her. She already started planning her first big step and entered into a joint-venture for her first project.

And saying this sums up everything of her life !

"She's just a girl and she's on fire

Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway

She's living in a world and it's on fire

Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away."

  Thank you for the happy dreams .