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Transcendental Meditation: Techniques and Benefits

It is a specific form of silent mantra Meditation. It is one of the easiest Techniques to get all the benefits of Meditation. In the ancient times, our Rishis taught this technique to so many people. It became more popular in the 1960's onward when people started becoming aware and concerned about their life problems. 

Transcendental Meditation: Techniques and Benefits

Wednesday December 27, 2017,

5 min Read

Transcendental Meditation


It is a specific form of silent mantra Meditation. It is one of the easiest Techniques to get all the benefits of Meditation.

In the ancient times, our Rishis taught this technique to so many people. It became more popular in the 1960s onwards when people started becoming aware and concerned about their life problems.

Today this technique is very widely practiced, including by many of the popular celebrities. Transcendental meditation should ideally be done for a minimum 20 minutes and preferably twice a day.

As a rough estimate, over billion of people have learned this technique worldwide.

Let’s Understand ‘What is Meditation’?

Meditation is an activity where an individual trains or operates the mind to get the thoughtless stage, or in the conscious state lets the minds attain absolute peace. It is generally used to reduce stress and relax the mind.

Meaning of Meditation?

There is so much confusion about the exact meaning of word Meditation. Meditation is not just Concentration or a simple Mental Effort. It is much more than that. There are numerous benefits attached to this practice, which many a times can’t be quantified.

Meditation and Anxiety


Anxiety is a common issue nowadays. It is human nature to worry and that causes Anxiety. Today almost 70% of the world population is affected by Anxiety, though severity of this varies from person to person.

A Qualified & Experienced Therapist can help to relieve you from anxiety. But it is a process which requires willingness on part of person suffering from this and conscious effort.

Anxiety can change the whole structure of your brain and changes the functionality of the mind. Regular meditation not only relaxes your mind but also reverse the effect caused by anxiety on your mind.

Meditation breaks the negative thought process of mind caused by Anxiety. It helps you to control and neutralize unnecessary and unwanted thoughts in your mind.

Chakra Meditation


There are different Chakras of the body which represents the energy level. Chakra Meditation can be done by sitting in a comfortable position with a straight spine.

Then start focusing on each part of the body with your feet working up. It helps the body in relaxing and reducing the stress. The next step is to focus on the breath.

Let it become deep and steady. Try to focus on inhalation and exhalation process it helps you to focus. Visualize the breath coming in your lungs and the bloodstream.

Visualize the functions of the body and heartbeat. Feel the energy when you go deep into the process of Chakra Meditation. Go through the process to visualize every part of the body and then relax your mind after doing the Chakra Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation and Yoga

Many wonder why it is necessary to go for meditation during or after Yoga. Yoga and Meditation postures are same and it is easy to shift from yoga to meditation in the same posture. Meditation in-fact is one of the main aspects of the yoga.

Meditation techniques for the beginners

If you want to start the meditation but you don’t know how and where to start. Here are some relevant techniques of Meditation for the beginners. You only need 15-20 minutes of each day to do Meditation:

1) Be Comfortable and find a Quiet Place

Find a quiet place where no one can disturb you. It’s no matter where you lay down or sitting as long as you are comfortable in that place. You can also sit on the chair and cross the legs. Your body needs to be in a stable position.

2) Become ‘Present’

Know all your surroundings. What is happening there? What do you feel? Where are your thoughts? You need to aware of your surroundings.

3) Get Fully Focus

As you take the deep breath feel your breath in the lungs. Try to focus on the inhalation and exhalation of breathing in your lungs and bloodstream. Just try focused as much as possible.

4) Feel your body

Once you go deep and focused try to notice each part of the body. Know how each body part feels. Start noticing with the feet and then all the way to head. Keep your concentration on the breathing in the whole process of meditation.

5) Practice, Practice and more Practice

Like anything, if you do a regular practice of meditation you will be perfect. Try to spare some time each day to practice meditation.

You will see the change in your Mental and Physical Health very early when you do the Meditation Regularly. Your all practice will be worth and life changing too.

Benefits of Meditation.


Let’s know about the benefits of doing Meditation

• If you do meditation you will be 10 times more focused on things you do in life;

• Increases immunity, means fewer chances of diseases;

• Lessens Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and Impulsivity;

• Lessens Fear & Panic;

• Enhances Self-Acceptance and Self-Esteem;

• Increases Optimism and Positivity;

• Makes you more Aware and Relaxed;

• Helps in eradicating Addictive Habits like Smoking and Drinking;

• It will help become more Social;

• Helps in improving Emotional Intelligence and Mood.

• Enhances Mental Strength;

• Increases Retention Power and Recall Memory;

• You will have better Cognitive Skills and Creative Thinking;

• Better Decision Making and Problem-Solving Skills;

• Helps in ignoring the distractions around.

• Higher Energy Levels;

• Improved Breathing;

So this was all about meditation. I could tell thousands of reasons to start meditating. You will never be the same person you were, before you started meditating.

You will see the change in your life. Your problems and all the worries of your life will go away. Meditation is practised by most of the well-known celebrities.