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The phenomena of bulk work in content writing

What is better? While bulk work provides you security financially and consistency in work how far is it really from creativity? Also, can hoping from one client to another add up to your own leg work?

The phenomena of bulk work in content writing

Tuesday February 07, 2017,

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Content writing is the latest fad in the marketing arena. Given the digital industry growing rapidly, the rampant requirement of content writing work is evident. Contemporarily there are numerous freelancers who take up content writing projects and add up to their income. However, while some freelancers prefer sticking to one client who would outsource bulk content writing projects to them some prefer engaging in short-term projects and hoping from one client to another.

Well, here are the pros and the cons


• Security and consistency – The competition is tightened since last few years and this makes the acquisition of projects a tough task to carry out. Taking p projects in bulk grants you a smooth inflow of work without indulging yourself into the pains of searching and bidding for the project every next week.

• Saves time – In this field time is money and every freelancer is well versed with this. Avoiding more of leg work and staying with one client taking up bulk projects saves their valuable time.

• Client relations – When you stick to one client for a longer period of time and deliver substantial work on long term basis, you successfully form a good bond. In the times where networking and contacts are required everywhere, this surely turns out to be beneficial to you and your career.


• Bulk work is monotony – It is agreed that the sense of security is much more when you opt for bulk work from one client however it does bring some monotony to the work. The lack of newness compromises on the quality of the content in the later stages.

• Limiting the scope – Taking up bulk projects for a longer period of time often limits your scope of opportunities. You do not get to invade new opportunities and get in touch with the other clients. This limits the scope of a freelancer’s personal development as well monetary advancement.

• Growth factor – Working for one client only in bulk project often eradicated the corners of growth. While working with more than one client lets you keep your hands on various projects. There are no challenges left further for you to achieve in the bulk work. This also makes you comfortable at your place where you refuse to initiate and grow.

However, each freelancer has an adapted style of working which either makes them choose long-term or short-term projects. Taking up the project in bulk without a doubt carries its own pros and cons and it is best for the writer to decide upon himself/herself as to what suffices their requirement accurately.