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Japan accorded its first colour trademark

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry accorded its First ever Non-conventional Trademark, on 1st March 2017 to Tombow Pencil and 7-Eleven, Japan. 

Japan accorded its first colour trademark

Monday March 06, 2017,

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Marketing wizards, world wide have integrated Freud’s,“Theory of personality” with their exhaustive tactics to captivate the unconscious minds of customers. Colours, impact the psyche, enabling them to uniquely identify a product in the market. It has the following impact:

• Psychological Effects (symbolism, associations)

• Aesthetic Effects (attractive and effective design)

• Visual Effects (eye catching, text legibility)

WTO first addressed the need of non- conventional trademarks, to extend the scope of IPRs. Still different countries had their own parameters to deal with colour palettes. Finally, in April 2015 Japan encapsulated the idea of providing, Signature “Colour” licenses to brands.It has received more than 2000 applications so far.


Japan’s two top notch brands which outrun the others in the rat race to reach the finishing line were:

# MONO Eraser from Tombow Pencil


Tombow Pencil Co. Ltd. is a Japanese stationery company, came to existence in 1913. Since 1969 it wraps its mono eraser in a cardboard sleeve bearing a unique colour scheme. After the iconic approval, the company now has the exclusive right over Blue, White and Black stripes.

# 7-Eleven Convenience Store from Seven & I Holdings


Seven & I Holdings acquired the US-based Convenience Store in September 2005. It saved the oldest US chain from busting. Japan has more than 15,000 outlets of this 24 hours store. It offers daily utility products, groceries, restrooms and many other services. After the approval, the company has the monopoly to use White, Orange, Green and Red colours to mark its identity.

It's an alarming bell for everyone!

For all the Local Imitators It's time to pull up the socks before you get sued for Infringing the Trademark.


Moreover, for the ones, who have not yet applied for the same,

Go Captivate All the Colours of the Rainbow, Before The Dew Fades Off.

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