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How will you know if you are making the right career choice

How will you know if you are making the right career choice

Wednesday December 06, 2017,

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Now I know what sales position is. I Never thought of being in the Sales department, because I can't sell the product or services which I know is not good enough for People. But I am almost like my father, and he is selling furniture on a very good scale. Because he manufactures it, so believes in his quality.



- Challenging, adventurous and happening

- Jam-packed schedule

- Everyday learning

Follow my journey of ups and downs...

I do not like work which stops my everyday learning, I love to learn every day something new and happening and did not like programming much though so:

I have started my career as a research analyst for an outsourcing company, Which is the best IT & ITES SME, India (Rated by Dun & Bradstreet and Karur Vysya Bank). I was working on a U.S. based Project "Media Radar" for advertisement tagging.

Then I got married and searching for a good position in a good company, Although I was not concerned about the position because I don't like the life: "sitting at home and doing nothing". So I immediately joined the very first job I interviewed for. That was "Sales Executive" at Greenfield Resources. I started selling a product. On the third day of joining I closed my first deal, That was the moment I started knowing myself.That I am not that bad at selling a product.

Soon I realized that the product I was selling is not going to change anymore, whether customer like it or not. and after some days I started getting bored of doing the same things again & again.Then I was confused again because sales job is not for changing product as customer needs, it's only selling the product.

So I started thinking that how can I perform better in sales. I always loved being in touch with information technology.I didn't like programming, but can I still be in an important role for Information Technology & Services?

There I immediately left the product based company and started giving interviews for I.T. sales position and joined NectarBits inc, A mobile application & website development company since 2009. The day I knew that above-described sales position features are for me. and I can do it the good way because the product is made after receiving customer requirements.

I closed my first big deal in 2 months of marketing, "Glickin Application & Website".

Now I finally found a position which belongs to me. And I want to groom myself to the extent.

Moral: Do not waste your time thinking about what to do. "Do Something" and in the process find your qualities, abilities, and your field of interest. And once you know that you are enjoying your work, hard work is the only key to success.

Me too, in the process