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What it takes to try the unconventional road…Shaheen on her transformation from a shy girl to an entrepreneur

What it takes to try the unconventional road…Shaheen on her transformation from a shy girl to an entrepreneur

Thursday June 22, 2017,

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"Women Entrepreneur is still not the openly accepted term in the male dominant world. It takes the life out of a woman to try the unconventional road, especially when your backdrop is a small village” Says shaheen on her entrepreneur journey.

I never imagined myself being an entrepreneur, I did not choose to be one. My situations demanded me to go an extra length than a comfy job in Information Technology. Hence, I had no option but to be bold, quit the IT job and take “Technical Writing” as the full-time profession

We started as freelancers. Made a quite good name without having a company of our own. We started off this journey when people seldom are aware of the word “Plagiarism” (copy and paste). Being good with words earned us accolades and there we started drafting content, for individuals’ startup companies and now to corporate companies. The journey has been blissful but has been less travelled. We still see the perspective of copy and paste in Companies and it gets tough to explain why they need real and unique content, drafted to them in customization.

“I did not choose to be an entrepreneur, I chose to provide value in whatever I indulge in and it landed me being an entrepreneur” chirps Shaheen, Director at Inovies.

Setting footprints in a new field, with less data available to learn has earned more good than bad. Its time when we gathered to libraries to know about pros and cons of drafting content and how people perceive the various content available in digital world.

Internet and social media now has made lives easier with loads of data available on the phone.

On asking what her USP is in writing, she says

“We are armed with our best weapons Words and the crazy companions, my employees (all girls ) with brilliant determination and management of time".

My decision to have girls in my army is simple. We are equipped with lot more patience than male employees. And Technical writing needs lot of self-discipline, effort to deliver quality of work which generates value to our clients. When you drift away your mind with some other thing, your flow of writing falls apart , making it a non sense piece of material.

Obviously, our next step is to expand to places where our services are inevitable. We have been getting awards and appreciations lately. And I owe it to my team, for their brilliance and commitment. Seeing them grow and driving pride out of our association makes my eyes glow and that’s more than I could demand.

For a question of whether she has any directions to new women entrepreneurs, She laughs

“Well, Mine is a complete different story. And I don’t think I stand in a position to direct someone to what could be done, but there is a piece of suggestion from my experience
Entrepreneurship is the most uncomfortable job you could ever take. It demands to come out of your comfort zone, hear something not pleasant to your ears, smile through the pressure, motivate others when you are down yourself and what not. Be prepared for the journey. Though it teaches you the phases, stop not until you get to your destiny. Your destination could be money, fame, adventure, expansion, peace of mind or any top award you have been dreaming of"

We learnt everything by self-research, for we entered something less discovered back then. We had our shares of failures, losses and demotivation. We chose to GO and laugh our failures as much as we celebrate victories..

“You don’t stop laughing because you are old , you grow old because you stop laughing”, My girls never grow old and so does our giggles.We learnt to take the criticism constructively and thats where our secret of success lies.