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Buying bridal jewellery and other wedding accessories


Weddings mean much more than any other ceremony in Indian culture. Weddings celebrate the union of two souls and are the day to look your best. All would-be brides and grooms follow the latest trends in outfits, jewellery and other accessories, to ensure that they look up to the mark during their wedding ceremony and related functions. The traders dealing in wholesale diamond jewelry invest wisely in their designers, as it is them who are responsible for the group's collection of designer bridal jewellery items.

Jewellery is more about a bride than it is about a groom. It is often considered a bride's ensemble, essential to her overall bridal look. There are a few ornaments that are absolutely essential for making a bride's presence felt in Indian weddings such as maangtika, necklace, earrings, rings, bangles and anklets. "While there is no replacement for gold jewellery, diamonds are very much in trend too", says a reputed diamond seller in Hong Kong.

However, choosing and buying bridal jewellery and other wedding accessories can be quite a daunting task for anyone and pretty much everyone actually. This is because you have a gazillion of options to choose from when it comes to wedding jewellery. Here we list some important jewellery items that every bride needs to wear to compliment her heavy lehangas and bridal sarees.


Wearing the right kind of jewellery is important to look as elegant and beautiful as a bride should look. Youngsters are also moving towards choosing precious and semi-precious stones, clubbed with diamonds and moulded together to form beautiful, intricate bridal necklaces that cover her entire neckline. Diamonds add to the grace of a bridal necklace and help in maintaining the look of a traditional bride, but in style.


Traditional bridal look will only be complete when you get yourself matching earrings for your necklace that complement each other well. You can go for exquisite diamond, gold or fashion jewellery designs presented by the renowned groups like KGK, who are the top manufacturers of diamond.


Bangles are again important for completing the bridal look. You get a plethora of choices in bangles. Punjabi chura is also trending among brides, even the ones who belong to other cultures. Non-Punjabi brides are also opting for Punjabi churas as a fashion trend.

In the changing times, both brides and their families are open to experiments in the traditional bridal look. Some even choose to add one grand piece of jewellery like very big, heavy earrings, while keeping the rest of it subtle. 


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