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Career Opportunities

Saturday March 04, 2017,

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Guys what is the first thought that come’s to your mind when you hear the word “CAREER” ?

Well everyone of us want to build their career according to their dreams and wishes . But their is a category of students who haven't planned anything for their future. These students are just lacking behind because of their disgrace behavior . These students are totally dependent on their parents , family members , society and they keep on peeping out to other’s life . Somewhere they lack to make out a very important decision of their life i.e. their future decision. These students can never become independent through out their life . Their life just end up with a profit and loss statement .

But Apart from them their are few scholars who are totally future oriented . We can even say the students who are talented enough to do something new in their life .Well according to me no one is born talented but actually with our interest and craziness we give birth to the talent.

As we know that in our country parents as well as society has a unalterable psychology regarding to choose the career of their child . As if their child is not enough mature to think about what is right and wrong ! This is the biggest misconception of the parents . In reality todays generation get mature enough before the true age of getting mature . The main reason behind it is CURICITY in the mind of today’s teens . This coming generation is getting faster . So due to which the people who are of 60s, 70s and even 80s should think of generation gap before judging today’s generation.

We have thousands of example of those students who are pursuing in any of the respective field rather then there interest but because of there parents interest. So disgusting right !

When the question come’s why is it so ? The answer is we were unable to judge about the right and wrong at the decision making time due to which our career and life is at stake.