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A Wonderful Getaway to the Land of Kalapani

A Wonderful Getaway to the Land of Kalapani

Tuesday January 10, 2017,

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Abundance of natural beauty, exciting adventured and unsurpassable cultures & history makes Andaman a flourishing tourist hot spot. With our amazing Andaman Tour Packages from Ahmedabad, we guarantees a taste of unusual holiday for everyone. Andaman is a heaven for nature partners. The trip to Andaman would be once in a life time experience for you. The land is full with scenic beauty of nature and a marvelous marine life. Ross Island is one of the attractive destinations here. There are many dilapidation of buildings and many interesting forms and shapes formed by trees in this islands. It would be a heaven for photographers. The place is well maintained by the navy and locals and is very clean. The capital city Port Blair is also famous for attractive sports and destinations. There are many museums, zoo and above all Havelock Island, Rutland Island, Neil Island, Woondoor, Bra tang etc. We also offers you a bunch of new experiences like scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. . The island has stunning characteristic excellence with unbelievable shoreline and purplish blue waters that are monitored by coral reefs. The Bharatpur Beach situated in Neil Islands, is known for its beautiful coral beefs. The cellular Jail also called “KALAPANI” which was set up in 1906 has a lot of significance as the remnants of India’s fight for Independence can be seen here. So pack your bags and leave all the planning to us. You would have a wonderful journey with a taste of amazing cultures and cuisines this emerald land offers you.