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7 Reasons Why Your Startup Business / Company Should Invest Money in SEO

Businesses today have become very competitive. Marketing and advertising companies are trying everything under the sun to increase their customer base. But with such huge internet presence, it is not possible to go by out-dated marketing strategies. 

7 Reasons Why Your Startup Business / Company Should Invest Money in SEO

Friday September 01, 2017,

4 min Read

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO" alt="7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO" />

Today customers are much more aware and have a lot of information at their disposal for you to draw wool over their eyes with the old techniques of promotions. They want to buy products that add some value. Even companies are focussing on improving their product features that will make them stand out. But just working on product features is not sufficient. Ranking high on the search engine is also equally important as it is said to bring huge traffic to your website resulting in increased conversions. And your absence here can prove fatal for your business. Search engine optimization or SEO is nothing but the strategy behind bringing more visitors to your site.

Let’s have a look at 7 reasons why your business should invest in SEO:

1. Return on Investment (ROI): All your marketing strategies are aimed at getting more customers and increasing profits and SEO. Research suggest that this technique nets in 33% more visitors to your website. SEO is cost-effective to provide much better returns on investment in the long run. 

2. Importance of Search Engines: 80-90% customers like to search everything online and they even look for reviews whenever a new product is launched in the market. You have to ensure your business is present online if you don’t want to lose out on such a huge market share. Without your presence, you are only helping your competitors business grow.

3. Creating your brand image: SEO is not just a marketing tool to increase ranking but it also helps in building a reputation. Quality content will help you in bringing visitors and good reviews and ratings will build your brand image.

4. Local competes global with SEO: SEO helps you place your business against a global leader. You as a local brand are able to get a global platform to showcase your product. The business can cater to the demands of the global customers that are looking for local specialty. This will help even a small size business to get good customer engagement.

5. Increase in searches via mobile phones: Since people are constantly accessing the internet via mobile devices, local SEO has also gained equal importance. Local SEO can also help in increasing your customer base in your location by allowing the clients to find you and connect with you whenever they visit your area.

6. Killing competition: Almost everyone is hiring SEO services from outside or have an in-house team that is helping them create their strategies. If your business is not a part of this it means you are easily letting the competition defeat you. Staying online and higher ranking is imperative to your business.

7. Video content and SEO: Video content has suddenly gained popularity on social media and a lot of businesses are racing to create video contents to get more customer engagement. However, even if they succeed in making a great video, they would still need a solid SEO strategy with effective keywords to support it. 

Small businesses lack web presence and are unaware of SEO and its working. Let’s look at some of the benefits of SEO for small businesses:

1. It helps you in finding more customers

2. It provides you new marketplaces

3. It allows you to create brand awareness through better rankings

4. It keeps you informed about the latest developments

5. SEO companies guide you with your business strategies

6. SEO helps increase your presence on social media

7. You can compete with the bigger brands

8. You get more visitors to your website

9. You get access to a whole lot of customer data

No matter the debate on SEO’s future being dead, SEO is very much here to stay. Even the audio and video searches today are dependent on keywords. In fact, there is continuous work happening to develop this area. You should strive consistently to improve your ranking and stay up the order on the search engine. In the long run, you would not just be benefiting by way of large turnovers but also high web traffic and strong brand awareness will follow.