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4 Proven Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

4 Proven Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Friday September 06, 2019,

3 min Read

Facebook users are exposed to hundreds of messages from different companies on a daily basis. A study suggests than an average Facebook reacts to 42 brand posts in one day. In this intense competition for customer attention, you need to keep up with the latest trends in social media marketing. Here are some tips from Facebook marketing consultants which will help you gain more visibility online:

-        Boost your popular posts for more visibility

Facebook has been responsible for many viral posts, videos, and images. Good content has the potential to spread like wildfire if given the right boost. This is where paid promotions on Facebook come into play. The boost feature of Facebook enables you to push your most engaging posts to your target audience across the globe or your preferred geography.

A premier Facebook ads company can help you identify the opportunities for promoting your brand online. Professional Facebook marketing consultant agency can help you identify the posts with potential to engage with large masses, and boost them effectively.

-        Drive your Facebook marketing towards community building

Social media has turned into a large marketplace, but it still retains the underlying personal connect that it was created to serve. This is why Facebook users do not like brands which use their accounts to push products extensively.

On the other hand, brands which take efforts in creating a personal connect with their patrons are rewarded with a strong loyal community of repeat customers and brand ambassadors. You can hire a Facebook marketing company to help you create a community driven social media presence that yields high brand value and increased sales.

-        Experiment with ad formats

Facebook allows you to present your ads in different formats to best showcase your products and messaging. These ad formats are designed to give users a definitive experience based on the message style, attention span, product type or nature of call to action required. Apart from the traditional image and video ads, you can also choose to showcase your products via Slideshow ads, Carousels, Instant Experience or Canvas, and collection ads.

Your Facebook ads company can give you a recommendation of which ad formats would be best for your campaign, and how to best display your message to your target audience. Vertical videos are rapidly becoming popular among brands as they offer a new engagement opportunity without any extra efforts for the users.

-        Use images with “eye contact” to capture attention

Studies suggest that ad and post images with human faces get more response and reaction compared to generic text images. Not only this, images which feature faces showing “eye contact” with the users are able to capture their attention easily.

Other than pictures of humans, you can also include other images and popular symbols, text, quotes to keep your Facebook page buzzing with user engagement. You can hire a professional Facebook marketing company to create stunning and engaging social media posts for your brand.