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Simple SEO Checklist You Should Consider For Your New Website

Important SEO Checklist

Simple SEO Checklist You Should Consider For Your New Website

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

5 min Read

Are you ready with your new website? Bingo! But now it’s high time to prepare the plan for the effective SEO (Search engine optimization) implementation before going live? Here are some of the step by step process SEO checklists that will drive more traffic and more customers to your new website as quickly as possible. The two major things one should never ignore while planning an SEO strategy are fresh content and a clear plan.

But in today’s era, everyone is trying to rank their website. So, it’s quite difficult to achieve it. But don’t worry; check these below-mentioned tactics before launching your site:

1). Install Google Analytics:

Google analytics help you determine keyword rankings before launching your website. This tool is used mainly to measure the traffic generated on your website. It is the best free analytic tool. Also, if you are just struggling with the on-page SEO functionalities but don’t know how and at what extent you are growing, we think then there is no meaning of it. In addition to this, it helps us to analytic the data like:

  • The amount of organic traffic your website is receiving and also from the region from where the major traffic is coming from.
  • The quality of search traffic and also the keywords that were used while searching.
  • The performance of the website pages that are loading at a slow pace hindering the total user browsing experience.

Installing this free software tool is quite easy. You simply have to search Google analytic plug-in and thus install it if you are using WordPress, that is CMS (Content management system).

2). Do not forget to add Your Website to the Google Search Console:

Google search console, commonly known as the Webmaster tool help you to enhance your sights on-page SEO. You need to add and verify your site to check the actual productivity from time to time and thus to keep an eye on the Google rankings of your website. Also, it will take a very few minutes to set up. It will help you out in checking the growth of the site in many ways such as:

  • How new users are finding you
  • Your website’s click-through rate
  • Common devices people use to browse your website
  • Traffic your website is generating through search
  • The best performing web page of your site.

3). Keyword research:

Keyword research is a crucial part of on-page SEO. If you are unaware of it, then you just need to work on this. Not only for the blogs, but keywords play an important role in the contents of your homepage also. There are various tools available there that helps you out in keyword research.

Also, these keywords are going to bring revenue from organic traffic so it’s important to be proactive about targeting specific keywords.

4). URL Structure:

Earlier people used to use URLs which were quite complex for the users to understand as it included the date, issue, category and even sub-category in the URL. It not only impacts the negative image of your website in the minds of the user but also pushes the keywords further away from the front of the URL. You can opt for one of these methods:

domain.com/post-title or domain.com/category/post-title

5). Keep a Tab on Page Speed:

Nobody wants to wait! Not even for a second! It has been observed that people press the back button if your website takes more than 2 seconds to load. So it’s important for you to check the page speed of your website before pressing that launch button. To determine the rank of the site, Google first observes its page loading time. We think, now it must be clear to you about the reasons to keep a tab on page speed. It will not only rank your site but also will generate the leads, that is, sales of- course! The easiest way to speed up your site is to use compressed sized images and videos. Do not take in to use of lengthy videos as it will take much time to load.

But what are the ways to increase page speed? Note it down away:

  • optimizing your images
  • using browsing catching
  • enabling compression
  • reducing redirects

6). Foundation Links:

As an owner of a new website, you’re probably excited for some powerful do-follow links, commonly known as “foundation links”. These are the links that a website earns to increase the crawl rate of the website, build a little authority and set a precedent for your business.

7). Improve the Quality of Your Pages:

Always make sure that the pages are well designed to be accessible by search engines. If the quality is not up to the mark, your website will never ever rank on Google’s first page. There are a number of tools available that check the quality o your pages. Use SEO tools to ensure quality such as:

  • Make sure your pages don’t contain any of the misplaced no index tags.
  • Do not copy the contents from another website. Keep the contents of your website unique.

Use tools such as Grammarly to check grammar and Copy scape to check for plagiarism. Also, Google never favors useless content or content with no meaning. So always add meaning value to your contents.

Time to sum up: 

So this was your Simple & essential SEO Checklist that you should consider for Your New Website. These are the core tactics you must follow if you want your website to rank on Google’s first page. But yes, this is not at all an overnight process. It will take time, effort and above all your dedication so it’s better to start as early as you can.