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4 steps can Reinstate your Suspended Amazon Account

4 steps can Reinstate your Suspended Amazon Account

Thursday September 27, 2018,

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From the past some years, eCommerce sellers community attain maximum exposure and the figure of offline sellers to entwine online sellers community is achieving an astonishing growth. Online Marketplaces like Amazon help Sellers to sell their products with setup a Sellers Account as well as it also helps to deep-rooted of your business with some selling features, you can also able to expand your business internationally via using amazon global selling platform without investing a single penny on to established brick-and-mortar store in multiple locations.

But, as the increasing percentage of Amazon Seller Accounts drive more and more Account Suspensions too.

Suspension of your Amazon Account badly affects your online reputation and a big cause of the downfall of your business growth. Poor customer services are one of the biggest reason of suspension as Amazon first motive to provide better customer services and by some mistakes of your amazon third party service provider or not following the Amazon guidelines.

By this article, we’ll focus on those such key points of suspension and make a better plan-of-action to reinstate your Amazon seller account.

Reasons to remove selling privileges by Amazon

Amazon has their selling guidelines to protect the whole marketplace which every seller have to follow and if you violate those guidelines then you’ll probably be temporarily suspended and received an email below by Amazon.

Amazon sellers account suspended policy rely on order defect rate, cancellation rate, late dispatch rate, return dissatisfaction rate, policy violation, contact response time, etc.

Here are the top 2 reasons when an Amazon suspended any account.

Reason #1

Bad Customer Services Score

Amazon always keeps an eye on its seller performance metrics and strictly observe every seller account’s health. Amazon defined its performance metrics in 3 ways:

·        Order defect rate: < 1%

·        Pre-fulfilment cancel rate: < 2.5%

·        Late shipment rate: < 4%

If you have lower customer services score, lots of negative reviews, many cancelations of orders or you don’t have the record of timely shipping orders then you have to face unfortunate suspension.

Reason #2

Violation of Amazon Selling Policies

As I already said above, Amazon is very strict about its selling guidelines and before signing up to sell products on Amazon marketplace, every new seller should have to understand Amazon selling policies about restricted products, prohibited content, condition guidelines, product detail page rules and so on.

If any violation of policies detected by Amazon then Amazon snatch some powers from you or you should have to prepare yourself to tackle the consequences, be like:

What is the next step?

After knowing the suspension issues, the next step is to create appropriate Plan-Of-Action (POA) which helps to reinstate your suspension account.

The one common mistake that every seller does is that “they’re defending yourself” if you defend yourself in the plan of action that it describes you’re not enough serious about the suspension or violation and if Amazon reinstate your account you will be violating policies again in the future.

This affects your business very badly or Amazon may be banned your account from amazon marketplace permanently. So, don’t defend yourself.

Outline Plan of Action

You have to understand the situation and clearly mention the root cause and the valid reason behind it and the necessary steps that you’re taking to resolving the issues and to prevent violations doesn’t arise again in the future too.

And, on the behalf of your POA, Amazon decides whether to reinstate suspension or not.

So, you have to create an effective plan of action, accept your mistakes, don’t defend yourself as I already said and commit not to do again break the rules or policies.

You can also use helping hands, amazon solution provider network[t1]  to creating an effective POA and appealing on the behalf of you.

Below are the 4 steps to create an effective plan of action that increase the chance to reinstate your suspended account:

Step #1

Introductory Paragraph

The very first section should describe the whole description about your business includes niche, seller name, size of the business, products category, etc.

Step #2

Description of Suspension

The Second step is to mention the suspension issue. Take the responsibility and explain every detailed aspect of why your account has been suspended, clarify your mistakes includes the data and facts that you found.

Step #3

Prevention Steps

The third step includes prevention steps that how you change your tools, systems to never meet again contravention. Along with trained your team and outsource your needs to an experienced and certified solutions provider[t2] , if needed.

Step #4

Ending Statement

In the last section, you can mention your request and avoid to use stress & bold words. You can also provide a short summary of the steps that you take.

These are 4 effective steps that help to create an effective plan of action.

Waiting for the response…

After successfully creating POA and sending to Amazon. Once Amazon reviewing your plan of action and inform you whether to reinstate or not.

If it accepts then you’ll receive a mail like this:

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