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Priyanka Bhandari’s art venture is truly ‘Atrangee’ as it reflects her travels through her wonderful creations.

‘Art is what comes from Heart’ this is has been the mantra of Priyanka Bhandari, owner of ‘Atrangee Amaaya', specialising in quirky, interesting and tastefully handmade and crafted artefacts.

Priyanka Bhandari’s art venture is truly ‘Atrangee’ as it reflects her travels through her wonderful creations.

Monday September 05, 2016,

2 min Read

Respect for Art

Being a qualified interior designer and also having pursues Management in Design, Priyanka was always interested in Art, especially painting, hand making and designing. ‘Seeing so many art based start-ups around me, I thought of coming up with a cool and different art based venture, and hence ‘Atrangee Amaaya’ was born.’ says Priyanka. Working as an interior designers and as project manager with leading companies of Ahmedabad, she got a taste of decorating homes and offices with a difference. ‘I believe statement artefacts, handmade pots, plates add a lot of character to the place and gives it an interesting facelift.’ says the lady with the magic brush.

Terracotta plate designs.

Terracotta plate designs.

Travel Inspires

As an avid traveller, Priyanka has been to many places in and out of India. This has been a great source of inspiration for creations. Be it a wine bottle featuring a painted Dervish, earthenware with Warli art or ceramic plates with Madhubani designs, Priyanka’s designs reflect her travels, local tribal arts of India and her own imagination which results in stunning home decor pieces.

Born in 2015, Priyanka’s venture is based out of Mumbai, her residence and has been catering customers in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and the USA too.


One woman army

Being the sole person of the venture, she handles everything, right from getting raw material, designing, packaging and delivering. ‘It is quite challenging to manage all he tasks and also be the supermom to my 3 year old girl ‘Amaaya’ on whose name I have named my venture’ shares Priyanka who promotes all her products trough social media and considers word of mouth publicity to be her bets marketing tool.

Initially she had gifted a few products to friends and family, soon the word spread and now she gets bulk corporate orders, orders during festivals and occasions for customised artefacts.

Priyanka Bhandari,the  woman being Atrangee Amaaya.

Priyanka Bhandari,the  woman being Atrangee Amaaya.

Expansion is on the Way

Priyanka is determined to expand her customer base and reach to wider people who have an eye for art and taste for handmade items.’I am planning to take part in exhibitions and get in talks with brands to tie up and expand my venture’ remarks Priyanka. She looks forward to taking up newer mediums like glass, ceramic, terracotta, metal and transforming them with her unique designs ranging from tribal art to abstract paintings.

She advertises and showcases the latest collections through her Facebook page and also takes orders through it.

Art on wine bottles.

Art on wine bottles.