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How a technology based Real Estate startup replication B2B model in Industry.

With in a short-snap time Golden BRX making all the good news in this industry.   

How  a technology based Real Estate startup replication B2B model in Industry.

Tuesday September 27, 2016,

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A story of technology based real estate Company, Golden Brick Radix Pvt Ltd, which was established by Mr Anil Soni along with his three colleagues. 

Mr Soni started their business in year early 2013 when their employer NJ Realty winds up its business from north India. He and his all colleague was employee of the same company, they all were asked to either join in Gujarat or leave the job in next three months. It was a great setback for all of them. Then they decided to start their own business and lays foundation of Golden BRX.

 It was the time when real estate market was gradually going towards recession phase and their difficult time starts in the 3rd quarter of 2013 just eight months after inception of business. Mr Anil Soni said that it was very difficult time for us as we are just started the business and have not got enough time to pick up our business but we were much confident with our business model. This difficult time was continued but it’s just because of his business model and conviction he not only did good business but also get recognition from some of reputed developers. Meanwhile he started some other centers in Noida, Chandigarh and Delhi. 

Mr soni said that we want to provide a reliable platform to our customers so that they can enjoy tension free real estate transaction. He said that in real estate market post sales services and reliability our consultant is biggest problem we are trying to address the same gap. We also add technology to make our service part better so that our clients feel comfortable with their transactions. Our happy clients are biggest asset for us and we are continuously trying add more. 


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