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Bespoke tailoring for men's suits in Mumbai suburbs

Modisto Bespoke Tailors - Since 1969

Wednesday June 08, 2016,

4 min Read

Have you ever thought about the first Impression you create? What is the intensity? Is it important to work hard for that first glance? Have you ever thought how much time the other person takes to form that first impression of you? 

The first glance – When someone notices the way you dress. The colour combination and the way you carry yourself speaks a lot about you and your identity. How well the shirt is tucked speaks volumes about your persona. How a sublimely fit suit and trouser can make you look worthier than you are. Till date this saying stands true, ‘you can judge a gentleman, just by his shoes’. The fact still remains, you needn’t be a billionaire to look like one. But, blessed with an aptly contoured pair of formals, topped with a sleek slim tie, a waist belt that compliments the trio well, and well-buffed shoes, will not only make you feel like a billionaire but will also make people look up to you as if you are one for real.
It just takes 3 Seconds, yes mere 3 seconds to create that "first" impression.

How important is it to dress well at work?

Of course a lot depends on the way you articulate your goals at the end of the year, but a well-groomed individual always has the upper hand because of the feel good factor he creates with his grooming skills, which enables him to go a long way in his career. According to studies, inappropriate dressing or grooming is behind 40% job rejections.

Why choose bespoke tailoring over made-to-measure and off the rack suits?

Bespoke means been spoken for, and the mantra is, ‘It's for an individual (customer) by an individual (master tailor)’. As you know, every individual is unique in his or her own way. The way one carries himself, moves and communicates. Regardless of the same weight, height & structure, no two people can get fit in the same clothes, and even if they do, the fitting would speak for itself as it may look awry. Because of one’s uniqueness and individuality, only bespoke tailoring can make you look elegant, sharp and dapper. Reason being, the master tailor takes your measurements in person, and works on your clothes from scratch, i. from cutting to stitching all done by his team. Post which, a trial is done followed by trimming the extra cloth. All of the above goes missing with made-to-measure and off-the-rack purchases. Mind you, the process takes a longer time but it’s worth it.

Why Modisto Bespoke Tailors?

For over four decades Modisto has engaged in the business of true bespoke tailoring, also known as custom tailoring of luxury clothing in menswear of Indian and International origin. The business of men’s tailoring has been passed from ancestors. Modisto’s roots come from the tailoring community of South India, and has been passing on from father to son for generations.

The beauty of the acquired skill is such that it involved no formal education per se, yet the concepts are well thought out, with it’s CEO Mr Shridhar Racherla also happening to be the master tailor at Modisto Bespoke Tailors. Shridhar is a very passionate individual when it comes to tailoring menswear. He understands one’s body very well and crafts patterns and designs based on the body sculpture. He has spent multiple hours in learning the craft and ultimately perfecting the same by becoming a master bespoke tailor. His drive for tailoring is so strong that he lives and breathes it. The perfection of a finished product, as we all know consists of hard work, sincerity and authenticity. And his final garment does complete justice to the above. All garments are exceptionally precise using only the best cloth, well-tailored and finished with an edge to match the unique personality of the wearer.

You can meet a fashion consultant from Modisto and discuss your requirement, based on which suggestions will be made on patterns and your selection of the cloth. Not only that, you’ll also be duly tutored on what cloth is essential for what fitting. To be followed by a trial and finally your custom fit clothes will be readied for your occasions and purposes. So go the bespoke way!

To book an appointment, please contact us using the following details:

Telephone: +91-22-26734539 / +91-983113232

Email - [email protected]

[email protected]

Address: 102, Veena Industrial Estate, Besides Oberoi Springs, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053

Landmark - Monginis Factory

Operating Hours: 11:30 – 14:30 Hrs & 17:00 - 21:30 Hrs (On all days)