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5 Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

Find out how to plan your digital marketing strategy successfully in 2017, follow these tactics to market your business.

5 Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

Friday December 30, 2016,

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2016 has shown us how mobile user interact with the brand and another user. It was an intense year for digital marketing, a lot of small and large business have gained popularity and reached a wider audience through online marketing with low investment. The capabilities of online business and marketing are endless, it was a great year to remember but the industry is changing at a rapid pace. So to continue with the same intensity in the industry you need to start thinking about the upcoming trends in 2017 and prepare yourself accordingly.

The Online marketing industry is very wide and complex. The sooner you start with superior strategic plans, the better you can reach to your audience and stay ahead of your competitions. Marketing is a field where every time you want to be out in front, you need to foresight the trends and prepares for changes. If you are well prepared you will feel more motivated to reach your goals. 2016 has provided ample amount of opportunities for the online marketer and digital marketing agency, However, there are many hurdles for digital marketer which have to be still overcome. 

“Take a risk and keep experimenting, because what works this day won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.”
Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

The main purpose of this article is to offer trending ideas and tactics that will provide clear insight for online marketing in 2017. 

1.) The Rise of Mobile Devices

As most of the user are searching on google using a mobile device. The google has announced of mobile first indexing which definitely states that mobile will dominate desktop totally in few years. Rise in mobile usage has clearly shown it is more than just a trend. After giving so many years of importance to desktop now you have prioritize mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly make sure that it is, mobile website and optimization should be a top priority for digital marketer in 2017.

2.) Content Marketing: Back To The Future

Creating a unique, structured and consistent content is the crucial part of the pitch. Visual content always plays an important role in content marketing, in 2017 it is going to be more "precise, catchy and interesting" and will be more customer centric rather than conceptual. Infographic is going to play a pivotal role. We love videos and marketers agree it brings maximum ROI, mobile video will be the hottest trend which you can expect to see this year. Though we have seen a rise in video marketing from 2015 but this year it will completely take off and will continue to be an important marketing tactic. The active nature of the content is what you have to acknowledge, great story of your business is just more than a case study so make your voice heard before you are lost in the echo.

3.) Algorithm Will Alter Continually: Catch Me If You Can

A very large amount of data is added to the internet every second, and everyone wants higher rank on SERP(search engine results page). Therefore, Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times in a year however most of the changes are minor only. Similarly, Facebook struggled to reach their target organically so they also made changes in their algorithm. The best strategy to tackle these changes is to be genuine, informative and useful to your audience rather than bots.  Digital marketer strategy must be human-focused first and optimized for the machine as well.

4.) Live Video Streaming: The Social Network

Facebook has launched live video streaming feature and this feature is free for users who have their account on facebook. This idea is to make the user feel more genuine and to be more interactive. Promote yourself or your brand when going online it provides more personal interactions with consumers. To deliver live experience company need to adapt technology and through which it can respond in the moment and that matter most to the customer which is win-win situation for both customer and company.

5.) Additional Analytics: The Imitation Game

What makes digital marketing better is you can keep a track of performances of various campaigns in real-time. Digital marketing is about more and more digital promotion and data but it is incomplete without analytics which provides greater insights into customer interest. More detailed analytics will provide better ROI and understanding of customer which will allow you to be more flexible. Streaming analytics will help to  monitor and understand in real time what is happening. 

"Things that everyone is expecting to be in trend but won't move that fast in industry."

Internet Of Things
Voice Recognition

These are my predictions for digital marketing trends, now take a deep dive in this digital boom and let's find out how our customers really feel. 

What do you anticipate for 2017? Do share your thoughts about digital marketing trends in 2017 in the comments section below.

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