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Tips for make your site user-friendly while boosting SEO

Tuesday October 17, 2017,

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Tips for make your site user-friendly while boosting SEO

To ensure that can be accessed by the search engine

This is of course common sense, because a site that rejects a spider crawls, unless it is used for private use, otherwise it will not be searched by the search engine. So, to do this need to ensure that the following three aspects to do bit:

1, the content can be indexed. Meaning that the content must be HTML text form, for most of the video, pictures, Flash, etc. are not seen by the search engine spiders. Suggest the picture plus ALT attribute, the picture will be replaced with text instead of text to the user (CSS picture replacement?)

2, link structure to ensure that can crawl. Make sure that every page in the station is linked by other pages and that there is no isolated page. For example, links within JS can not be crawled, too many links on a page will be blocked (Google 100?), But also need to focus on robots.txt file whether to shield the spider crawling, the page metaRobots label. 3, the network map. Help the spider to index the site page, use the online tool to generate, or the website program comes with. Second, the site information architecture Information structure is how to use the classification of the order of content, from the user experience point of view, that is, when visiting the site, so that users at a glance to the next step, the most intuitive access to the desired content, which is the structure, Of the structure, which in a site planning period must proceed to do

The website uses a flat structure that is superior to the depth structure, and the number of links on each page is controlled, as far as possible without paging, because the paging is a purely digital distinction list, does not provide subject relevance, produces duplicate content problems, and generates spider traps. Third, site navigation                                                                                                                         1, the search box, the form is for the search engine is not visible content. 

                    2, alt provides the signal is not strong, can not replace the text link, the picture or as much as possible with html way with the title and text description Fourth, on the domain name, directory and other url structure

1, select the subdirectory, will maximize your seo, because all the pages will focus on the main domain name, the link form to help the search engine to determine what the main. So, when to choose sub-domain name? Redefine the brand, this time sub-domain name will provide a higher weight to their own.           2, station group content Domain name selection: buy an old and reputable domain name, which has a high quality website. If you choose a new domain name, it is recommended to buy early to hang up the first page, and do some outside the chain. On the sprocket, the most valuable way is to directly point to all th

Website topics, the content of the site for long-tail search, brand coverage more valuable. 5, the internal link to optimize the reasonable, the deeper the depth of the spider creeping If you often check the site of the log, you will find that the search engine spiders, most of the number of sites will crawl the site, if the higher the weight, the deeper the depth of creeping, and some can be creeping to three or four Content, and the deeper the depth of the spider creeping, you can discover more content, enhance the content of the site content included, but how can we let the spider creeping deeper? Naturally have been internal links to work hard, if the site The link is very scarce, spiders every time creeping time, have to return to the home page, and then re-passed, it would be great to hit the spider's task efficiency, so can’t crawl deeper. Sixth, to enhance the user experience, reduce the site bounce rate main station , rather than linked to each other, and then a few points to the main station.

In fact, the optimization of the site within the link in addition to attract the search engine spiders, but also against the user's reading experience, such as the user reading the contents of the site, see a keyword needs to explain, and this keyword will have a corresponding internal Link, to provide the appropriate explanation to the user, so that users can extend the stay in the site of the time, bounce rate naturally reduced, but also the size of the user to save the relevant content of the time, I have been Encyclopedia entry, You can see this internal link brought by comparebox.pk user experience. Seven, do a good job of internal links to optimize, to avoid the dead link many With the extension of wow site operations, many pages due to the temporary deletion of changes, it will show a small amount of dead links, a lot of links click, will appear to visit the question, this time, if there is no internal link optimization , It is very easy for users to feel anxious, the search engine will be very harsh, so the site within the link optimization time, we must do a good job site 401 page to establish, so that you can have a positive effect of the screen to death linked to the site The blow.