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How to create a free website with Google for your small business

Google plans to tap the small and medium businesses and help them design and roll out their website without any hassle. It wants to help them reach out to customers and increase their business manifolds.

How to create a free website with Google for your small business

Monday July 10, 2017,

4 min Read

The tables have been turned completely and new technologies are changing the way we perceive things. Gone are the days when customers use to go for street shopping in search of best quality products and services. We are so much caught with technology that we need convenience in everything. Technology has even changed the way we shop. We no more go out shopping for all our daily needs. Grocery, medicine, toiletries, electronics and clothes, you name it and the internet has it. The offers, discounts, and comfort just exhort us to just click in the comfort of our room and voila! You have the product delivered to your doorstep.

Create A Free Website With Google

Create A Free Website With Google

When online shopping has caught almost everybody in its whirlpool, not having a website to run your business will ostracize your business in this savagely competitive world. The sellers have to tap the target customer for their products and services and pull every resource possible into making their business a success story. So it is important for businesses to be where the customer is. The website is the window of your business through which opportunities will come knocking. A website can really bring a tectonic shift to your small entrepreneurial venture and make it list on one of the major stock exchanges.

With the unabated expansion of the internet, the world is becoming a closely knit global country inadvertently bringing the customer and seller closer. With 40% of commerce being done online, rest 60% of the businesses are alien to this virtual world. However, small business owners find it complex, expensive and time-consuming to build a website. Web developers generally ask for heavy compensation for web designing and developing services.

Google plans to tap these small and medium businesses and help them design and roll out their website without any hassle. It wants to help them reach out to customers and increase their business manifolds.

Whether you are new or have very little knowledge about building a website, the process can be overwhelming. To ease the process Google has launched a new website builder tool, as an extension to its Google My Business (GBM), known as WEBSITE. It is a platform which helps small businesses to create, design and maintain their websites. It is free and easy, so one does not have to shell out a huge amount of money on web design services. Another plus point of this new feature is that the website is also compatible with mobile phones.

This single page tool simply extracts data from GBM dashboard and creates the website. The existing customers listed on GBM can avail the services directly and those who are not listed on GBM have to first sign up themselves.

Once the listing is done. Click on “Manage Location” and select WEBSITE from the menu option. One page business website will be created. You can edit and customize the website either yourself or with the help of web designers. Give a theme to your website; add photographs and text and it is ready to expand your business like never before.

Website created will follow a set domain structure: “” you can even purchase a custom domain from the Settings menu and Google will connect the site to the new domain.

Updating and maintaining the website is another laborious job. But do not worry; you do not have to pay the web developers every now and then for updating your website. Just add or revise the data in GMB listing and the changes or additions will automatically reflect in your website.

Available in ten languages – English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada and Malayalam, WEBSITE can create a website in less than ten minutes from your mobile phone. Though this new website tool has limited customization options, still it is one easy way to launch your business on an online and global platform. In the pilot run, around 120,000 Indian businesses were enrolled and are successfully running.

It is rightly said that “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” So do not waste more time and enroll with Google My Business and create your first business website.How to Create a Free Website with Google for Your Small Business