Past , present and future

Hello, readers and dear Friends, this is my first article on your story. This is a short poem on thinking about our past, present and future. In serials, we often hear about someone's past but never understood it before. When I left my first job for the second one as a Chartered Accountant, I too developed an enormous past, which was one hell of a ride.  This poem is written by me, thought to share it.

Past , present and future

Monday April 10, 2017,

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I want to break the shackles of past

To break the chains which engulf me

and move forward.

But doing it is never easy

All the efforts seem to be futile 

Time by time, It reminds me of one hell of a ride

Times of joy, ecstasy, learning

Times of anxiety, confusion and sorrow

And challenging times

To be in Present is I want to be 

I remind myself not to dwell on the past

I remind myself not to overthink of future

For what we have is present, loud and clear.

For what we have left is present, loud and clear

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