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Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in USA

We list out a few prominent mobile app development companies in USA, who have excelled in delivering creative mobile apps for various businesses.

Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Thursday November 16, 2017,

7 min Read

With the increasing demand in the download of mobile apps each day, Mobile app development has become one of the most innovative and actively growing sectors. Today many business organizations are using apps in order to access cyberspace and reach out to their client base. Just having a Website isn't enough anymore for your business as well as for companies. You need to stay updated with technological trends to hold onto their portion of the market share in their industry with mobile applications.

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Mobile application has become one of the important parts of technology today which has served as an effective solution for businesses. It gives an opportunity for creating apps that can make daily errands even more simpler. Certain apps make your business interaction easy. Your handset becomes a smart phone when it has all new apps that come up in the development market. A mobile application is imperative as it offers convenience to your businesses to manage the tasks effortlessly. Besides this, it also helps a business gain accessibility to a wide-ranging customer base. Certainly, the use of traditional desktop computers is declining. In order to develop a perfect mobile app for your online business you must need skilled mobile programmers who are experts in creating unique and amazing applications.

We list out a few prominent Mobile Application Development Companies in USA, who have excelled in delivering creative mobile apps for various businesses.

       Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Tvisha Technologies:

Tvisha is an outstanding mobile app development company with the impeccable proven track record in offering the best mobile apps for your businesses. They build the apps creatively as per your requirement and ensure your clients to identify your application in the sea of other applications available. The professional assistance by the team of developers helps you fulfil your vision of building an engaging and high usability product, that not only provides optimum experience to users but also helps your business to make more profits.

Founded: 2002

Office locations: Hyderabad, Edison

Platforms: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Services: Mobile app development ( Android, IOS), web design and development, Software application development, web app development

Key clients: L&T Metro. SH group, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Safe Trunk-PVP, Aculooks, Tax serve, Saadhya and many others

Popular apps: Troop Messenger, iBuzr, Slips, Safe Trunk, Go Hanger, Local News Wall, Hoopshe, Be in touch, Votocrat

Website: http://www.tvisha.com/


Contus- a futuristic mobile app development company, transforms their creative ideas in to successful apps for your business. They are well experienced in offering the ingenious app solutions for productive gains. Their team of professional designers and developers is dedicated in discovering, designing, developing and delivering mobile apps as per the client requirements. Effective mobile app development from Contus will aid their clients in maximizing consistent profitability.

Founded: 2008

Office locations: Chennai, Atlanta, California

Platforms: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Services: Mobile app development, web design and development, Enterprise mobility, App testing, cloud services

Key clients: Mahindra, Jabong, Accenture, Dr. Reddy’s, HS Prime and few others

Popular apps: Contus Fly, Contus M-Comm, Cantalog, Vplay

Website: http://www.contus.com/

Hyperlink Infosystem:

Hyperlink Infosystem is a leading mobile app development company, serving their clients with popular IT services. Their excellent team of highly skilled developers offers customised web solution apps with high quality based on the client expectations at an effective cost. The innovation, commitment and quality propelled by them can help your business to reap high growth curve fast.

Founded: 2011

Office locations: Ahmedabad, Queensland, Chicago, Dubai, London

Platforms: IOS, Android, smart TV, Windows, Apple watch

Services: Mobile app development, web design and development, Tv app development, IT services

Key clients: Google, Viacom, Disney, Pizza Papa johns, Cartoon Network

Popular apps: Go App, Funcom, Hi Oscar, True Taxi, Food Deals, City Info, Restro Finder, Snap & Sell, Fitness App, Pool Table, Music App and so on.

Website: https://www.hyperlinkinfosystem.com/


Being a well-recognised mobile app development company, Appsquadz always caters the needs of clients by offering amazing mobile apps with latest technologies. The team of expert developers at Appsquadz is specialized in customizing, developing, designing, testing, developed mobile apps for your business. Their expertise in creating customised mobile apps, which are time-efficient and cost -effective and provide great user experience, help to attain your business goals effectively,

Founded: 2007

Office locations: Noida, New Jersey, Manchester

Platforms: IOS(iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows

Services: Mobile app development( Android, IOS), web design and development, Business applications, E-commerce apps, Digital marketing

Key clients: ICICI Bank, Cococola, Digital India, Women’s era, Aadhar, Max healthcare, Soultrax

Popular apps: News hunt, Cococola freestyle app, Max health Care app, Hangman game

Website: https://www.appsquadz.com/

Willow Tree Apps:

Willow Tree Apps is a renowned mobile app development company, who has a wide range of experience in building apps for several platforms including mobile and web. Their elite team of developers is responsive in building creative and custom mobile app solutions based on the client needs and requirements. They also offer their services for both large scale businesses and startups.

Founded: 2008

Office locations: Charlottesville, Durham, New York

Platforms: IOS, Android

Services: Mobile app development, Product Design, Software Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Custom Software Development

Key clients: Time Warner, GE, Pepsico, Wyndham Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, Nestle, Fox News, CBC, etc.

Popular apps: Regal cinemas, CBC, Wyndham Mobile, BabyCentre, etc.

Website: https://willowtreeapps.com/

Innovation M:

Innovation M- a preeminent mobile app development company, offers best, robust and custom app solutions for your business apps. The team of developers provide their assistance until the app get delivered to the clients. Their strategy while developing your mobile app will help your business to gain the maximum profits with the effective solutions.

Founded: 2011

Office locations: Noida, New Canaan

Platforms: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Services: Mobile app development, Custom web apps, Location based apps, Big data apps

Key clients: Media tek, Matrix, OLX, OYO rooms, Communicate health, pine labs, Birla Soft

Popular apps: Lenskart, Snapdeal, Zopper, Dunkin Donuts, Healthkart, Clear trip, Pay U

Website: https://www.innovationm.com/


Wedigtech- an innovative mobile app development company, who is offering effectual app development services across various verticals like travel, business, lifestyle, social, etc,. Their team of skilled developers deliver user friendly mobile apps for your business on different platforms like IOS, Android and windows.

Founded: 2008

Office locations: Rajasthan, Hermosa Beach,USA

Platforms: IOS, Android

Services: Mobile app development, Custom web apps, Location based apps, Big data apps

Key clients: Redbull, Uber, Mind Razr, Holand, EMS, Simple Indian food

Popular apps: Misrii, Oval, Doseat, Duplay, Fotoyapp, SongDew, Locksmith, Go Tax

Website: https://www.wedigtech.com/

Zco Corporation:

Zco Corporation- a passionate mobile application development company, attracts clients with their creative and resilient mobile app services. As a leading team of developers, they create easy to use and scalable mobile apps to meet the client needs. Zco is specialised in creating native and hybrid mobile apps for IOS and Android.

Founded: 1989

Office locations: New Hampshire (HQ), Boston

Platforms: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Hybrid and Cross-Platform apps, AR, IoT

Services: Mobile App Development, Mobile Game Development, Enterprise Mobility Services, Enterprise Software Development, Animation Services

Key clients: Verizon, Microsoft, BBC America, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

Popular apps: Dugout Dice, CPI mobile suite, Insane eagles, GIGI, Barton Tiles

Website: https://www.zco.com/

July Rapid:

Working out of California and Bengaluru, July Rapid churns out innovative and design oriented mobile apps by virtue of being a premier mobile app development company. Currently, they are working with small businesses, funded startups and large enterprises providing their mobile app development services at very competitive prices. The tech developers at July Rapid are adept at building native as well as hybrid apps for both IOS, android, iPad and wearable devices.

Founded: 2001

Office locations: Bangalore, California

Platforms: IOS, Android, Wearable and Cross-Platform apps, E-Commerce App Development

Services: Mobile app development, web design and development, Enterprise mobility, App design &testing, Wearable development

Key clients: Pacson, Cisco, Miscrosft, Oracle, ESPA, Fox sports, NBA

Popular apps: NDTV, Movie tickets, CNN, CBS showtime mobile, Discovery network

Website: https://julyrapid.com


Cumulations- a leading enterprise mobile app development company, are experts in developing myriad mobile apps for B2B, B2C & B2E business environments. They ensure world class mobile app development services by using innovative technologies in an optimal way. Their team of developers is proficient in delivering high quality mobile apps, which are profitable, user-centric and enterprise technology solutions to customers.

Founded: 2012

Office locations: Bangalore, San Josh

Platforms: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Services: Mobile app development( Android and IOS), Wearable apps development, Backend development

Key clients: Titan, Simans Health Care, Libre, Davek, Neptun, Arcelik, Intel

Popular apps: Havells, Babajob, Mihtra, Evolute, Piingle, Openout, Good Ripple

Website: https://www.cumulations.com/