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7 Useful Apps by Government of India to Download Right Now

Useful Mobile Apps That Can Make Lives Easier for Indians

7 Useful Apps by Government of India to Download Right Now

Saturday March 10, 2018,

3 min Read

Digital India - Power to Empower

Digital India - Power to Empower

To make India digital and in line with the vision of Government of India’s initiative ‘Digital India’, Indian Government has launched various mobile apps every now or then to make lives better for Indian citizens. Below are 7 of the most useful mobile apps launched by Government of India:



BHIM, stands for 'Bharat Interface for Money', is a mobile app launched to make India cash free. It is developed by National Payment Corporation of India and intended to facilitate e–payment directly through the bank accounts. Unlike other digital wallets which hold money in an online wallet, this app is exclusively designed to transfer money directly between different bank accounts.

2. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

If there is a lot of garbage in a locality and no one from municipality department has come to clean it up for days, just click a picture of it and post the same on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan App. It will automatically be forwarded to the nearest municipality office to do the needful.

3. GST Rate Finder

Entrepreneurs and businesses can use this app to learn about the current and applicable GST rates for themselves. This app is the ready reckoner for all the tax rates that are levied under the umbrella of GST. This app is developed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs which can be great for businesses which cannot hire a chartered accountant to look after their taxes such startups and small businesses.



UMANG stands for 'Unified Mobile App for New–Age Governance'. It is developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to promote Digital India initiative. It is a one–in–all app which provides over 100 services such as payment of utility bills, filing income tax, booking a gas cylinder, checking provident fund account and many more.

5. mPassport Seva

It is developed by the Ministry of External Affairs and people who are looking to get a new passport can download it as it offers several passport–related services. It is, easy to use and, listed among one of largest project of Indian Government i.e. National E-Governance Plan.

6. Online RTI

People looking to file an RTI can download and use this app. Here, one can file RTI with the help of virtual lawyers and experts who will draft an application on your behalf and send it for approval to the RTI department. One can make changes to the draft before submitting the application.

7. MyGov


It is an Indian citizen engagement platform which allows a citizen to participate in the governance of India. Launched by the Government of India, this app provides an avenue for channelizing the ideas, comments and creative suggestions by connecting people with central ministries and related government organizations.

Bonus for Early Age Entrepreneurs

Startup India

An initiative by Indian Government to encourage Indians especially youngsters to take up entrepreneurship as a career. This is an initiative to assist them in early years of their entrepreneurship career or startup which can connect them with the right leadership, mentors, incubators or investors as well as other entrepreneurs. It can make India self-reliant and create job opportunities in the country.

Yes, these apps can make lives better for many of us as a whole. Go download these now.

With the launch ‘Digital India’ initiative, which has an objective to make not only urban but rural part of India aware about digital products and encourage them to make use such products and services, the Indian government has been working on such new mobile apps or websites including improvising the existing apps/sites. Such apps/sites and initiatives can make lives of common man, people from informal sector or people belonging to BoP of India much better in our country.