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Born poor but innovate rich

I am Rakesh Tadishetty, Founder of MYSEHARI and a computer science graduate from a regular engineering college in Warangal. "Work hard and innovate new" is my motto. I was born in Warangal in a middle class family. My parents worked hard for my education as they had complete faith in me that I would give my best in any area I choose. It is very difficult to manage my education and the education of my two younger brothers for my parents. My only aim and dream is to make my parents happy with my success

Born poor but innovate rich

Monday May 16, 2016,

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My journey towards a start up started when i was pursuing my BTECH. I am the kind of guy who doesn't want to listen to lectures and wants to learn by himself, which always gives me new things to do. I found a friend who is very similar to me and very passionate towards technology,Abhimithra Karthikeya. We decided to start a new ecosytem which would support the entire start up world. 

While I was graduating I worked as a freelancer for a tech start up that made me travel all over India and expose myself to different technologies.

After finishing my graduation I worked in the same company as a tech evangelist for two years and then my product "MYSEHARI" came into being along with other another co-founder Shiva Kumar.


Mysehari is a online party ecosystem where we can deliver cakes,gifts and bouquets among other things

The major difference between other stores and us is we are unique in providing surprise parties with appropriate police permissions and mid-night cake deliveries.

When I was working I found that I used to travel all the time and missed out on the parties of those closest to me. So, I then decided to have a system where we could surprise our dearest ones even when we are far away.

At the early stage of our start up we found it very difficult to recruit the correct tech guys who were very skilled in required areas.

We are at the first step of our product and doing good business with clients of about Rs 2 lakh from the first two months of the product.

We are running our product in Hyderabad and in the coming months we want to extend our business to other major cities.

Hope for the best!! Signing off!!