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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

The "Pull"

Is there anything that keeps you from doing what you think you're good at? Is anything "pulling" you away from what you wish to achieve? Well here's the guide on how to repel that pull!

Tuesday July 11, 2017,

3 min Read

Look deep down into the deepest corners of your soul, your own depths which you do not really bother to encounter every now and then; look down there and tell me, how many times have you pulled yourself back? How many times did you not take that one chance which you knew would have surely fetched you something magnificent? How many times did you let that opportunity pass you by where you knew you could have accomplished something beyond excellence? Yes my darling, how many times did you doubt your very own tender yet bold self?

You see, there is always a little voice inside of us that keeps on blabbering, “but what will they think? But what if I fail? But what if I’m not able to win? But how will I face them?”

Have you ever tried wondering what is this “voice” that keeps us aloof of what we desperately wish to be a part of?

Try picturing it this way; there is a huge, heavy, bulky stone and you’re tied to it with an elastic and right in front of you is a bunch of beautiful flowers that is attracting you so much that you want to go grab it.

The stone here stands for all of your insecurities while the bunch of flowers is apparently everything that you ever wish to own or be a part of.

Now can you guess what the elastic stands for?

Yes, the elastic right there is your self-confidence, your determination and your desperation.

Every single time you come across a beautiful bunch of flowers, you start moving towards it and that big stone keeps burdening you up. You try a little but the weight makes you give up. The “pull” makes you give up.

Here comes the best part, only if you try a little harder, only if you repel a little stronger and only if you do not let that stone overpower the weight of your willingness to catch hold of that lucrative bunch of flowers; aah, what won’t you be able to achieve! Turn your confidence up to the highest level, have utmost faith in your being and see the elastic miraculously pull you towards wherever you wish to be.

So come on, promise yourself that this time, it is you who is going to be victorious, it is you who is going to be the “pull”. The pull towards all of the happiness that you crave for, the joy that you wish for so as to feel the fascination that lies in holding those flowers; right in your hand, close to your heart.