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The achievement of the organization depends on the result of the combined effort of each individual. This article describes the journey of Mr. SOHIL JAIN (C.E.O - JAIN SOFTWARE)  that is an inspiration for every individual those who want to follow their dreams. As, everything begins with an idea, a leader, a team and a plan that ultimately produces innovation.


Monday January 02, 2017,

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The smart work is not only limited to achieving success but it should have the deep depth to inspire others to go through their fears by practice and perform as such all the odds will turn out to be even.



After studying from IIT Bombay I was always fascinated to know about technologies and innovations. In my college life, I have also made several innovative projects and have experience in IT innovation. The journey from a google employee to an entrepreneur was so inspiring and self-motivating that made me stable to start up and move on in the generous way I always wished to do.

The work on every project builds the whole journey from an ex-google employee to the young successful entrepreneur. The learning process never ends, from the initiating point to the process of setting up an organization and the same to grow and to be maintained. Meanwhile to hold a team together as a leader is an elusive task to achieve. The work we did and received gratifications for the same was the power bank for the progress we did. The span of time we were nominated for Energizing Bharat Award has filled us with positivity to enhance our work skills and to move further to attain a place where along with growing businesses we can also give our hands for the social cause.

Prerna and Nayi Dishayien these two android applications are great and awe-inspiring as well as helping people in their problems. Prerna connects the schools of the region in different blocks, district, and panchayat levels so that the problems can be reached to the higher authorities and can be resolved in time. on the other hand, Nayi Dishayien promotes the education policy to youth those are preparing for UPSC, PSC and various government exams by video lectures etc. free registration and use of the application makes them user-friendly.

Working with the projects, when I received the honor to be the chief guest in the entrepreneurship awareness drive, I found the new flakes of information was a really good experience, the vision also shifted towards the most advanced way of creating things and inspiring people. in the inauguration function of AVARTAN 2016(biggest technical fest of Central India, organized by NIT Raipur my overall experiences got refreshed as the flashback of the past projects in colleges. These glimpse of the innovative projects made me think to provide a means to the students to get connected to the world through websites and software that will act as a showcase for the interesting work with technologies they have done or are planning to do.

 The concept of INR 4999 and Campaign 999 shows the sincere efforts our organization wants to do for encouraging startups and businesses. The services we offer has also proved to be a revolution in Cybersecurity, by providing antivirus like avast in low rates helped the clients and user to protect and secure their work from malware.

As it is said the hard work pays off, the amount of devotion and dedication we put into our projects was succeeded and we were overwhelmed by the honor as "JAIN SOFTWARE" - "Central India's Fastest Growing Software Company", received from CM of C.G Shri Raman Singh Ji. from those outcomes in life I have learned things like "The more perspectives and the work experience you expose yourself to, the more rounded your eventual business will become after all we are the tiny flake of dust in this universe. To be a successful businessman always deliver more than the expectation of the clients.