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Top 8 reasons your customers are not ordering from your website

If you are investing good time and money in building a website & spending enough money on e-commerce SEO but still customers are not ordering from your website, it means there is something wrong with your E-commerce Website.

Top 8 reasons your customers are not ordering from your website

Tuesday December 12, 2017,

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If you are investing good time and money in building a website & spending enough money on e-commerce SEO but still customers are not ordering from your website, it means there is something wrong with your Ecommerce Website.

These days, online buyers are not only focusing on product deals, but they are also looking for a flawless shopping experience; from searching a product to outstanding checkout process.

And if they find a single error in the process or find it complicated, they move to others without ordering from your website. That is why it is vital for an Online store to avoid these types of mistakes to increase its conversions as well as provide a pleasing shopping experience to the customers.

After researching most of the hundred websites, it has been discovered that most of the people make the same fundamental mistakes with their E-commerce website.

The mistakes in An E-commerce Website include

• Bad Navigation

• Page load speed

• Poor URL Structure

• Poor quality of images

• Complex Checkout Process

• Unprofessional Web Design

• Non-responsive Website

• Search Capability

1. Complex Checkout Process

This is the most common mistakes an e-commerce site makes. You must make it as simple as possible for your customers because no one tries to waste time and energy on a complex checkout process.

An easy & simple checkout process means a single page for the customers to place their order along with entering shipping and billing information & only a confirmation page before they submit the order.

<b>Complex </b>Vs. <b>Simple </b>Checkout process

Complex Vs. Simple Checkout process

Here are a few solutions using which you can make the checkout page very simple.

• Combine the pages wherever you can, you can also put billing and shipping information next to each other to make the pages appear shorter.

• Allow Payments without Requiring an Account

• Deliver a flawless Design

• Don’t Redirect People

• Ask for necessary Information Only

• Provide assurances on Security

2. Slow Loading Pages

“Every one second of wait in website loading time can decrease the conversion rate by 7.5%”. So it’s very important to have a fast moving website to get the best user experience and good ranking results in the search engine as well. A customer always prefers to see all the products quickly to select and order.

The customer will leave your site if your site is not loading quickly. Higher the loading time, higher the bounce rate. So you must optimize the website’s speed to grab more and more customers.

3. Poor Web Design

An e-commerce website that has poor design layout drives back the potential customers and prevents them from engaging to the website.

A good website layout includes compact design, high-quality images, clear up-to-date information, and a professional look that influences the purchasing decision of the visitors. So your focus must be on the perfect look of a website.

4. Website Navigation

A poor navigation of a website can discourage a customer. They may get frustrated if they are not able to find the information they are looking for. A lot of fonts, colors and buttons can force them to leave the website without purchasing. So your e-commerce store should be easy to navigate.

5. Not The Mobile Optimized

Most of the people are using mobile devices to search and shop online nowadays. So you must ensure that your website is designed to be compatible with all the screen sizes. 

If you have an e-commerce store that is not optimized for mobile shoppers, you are losing a lot of customers.

A mobile optimized website

A mobile optimized website

6. Search Capability

Most of the online stores have the search option but it appears to be poor if it does not work according to a user’s requirements. If a requested product is not available on the store, you must show another option. E.g. “black laces shoes” instead of “white laces shoes” is better than a blank page.

7. URL Structure:

For a good user experience, A website’s URL always tells you about the page you are going to land on. You must have a keyword optimized URL that can help a visitor to understand what the webpage is about.

For example, if a customer is looking for winter jackets he/she should get:


instead of


8. Quality of images

No one will not buy anything from your website if he/she cannot see the product clearly. The quality of a product image plays an important role while choosing and buying a product. If you want to increase sales on your E-commerce store, using high quality and appealing product images is the must.

Wrapping Up

If you focus on the solution of the above problems, you can definitely hold your customers on your website and sell them. Even making your Ecommerce website perfect, you can increase the customers and conversion as well.