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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

The Chosen Akil and The Kingdom Star

An unusual guy who does amazing stuff with his little talent.

Friday May 20, 2016,

5 min Read


I am Mohammad Abdul Danish. I am a teenager from Hyderabad. Let me first introduce myself to you. I was born in the year of 2000. From the age of four, I used to operate the computer. Maybe it was a genetic inheritance that I was a very well computer user when I was in 2nd standard I used to clear doubts of my computer teacher. By the age of 10, I mastered the basic programming of almost all computer languages without a teacher. Since then I have developing websites and software. At the age of twelve, I launched my own browser with the title "Waris Browser". It was my first browser and but had some flaws. After getting to know about the bugs and crashes, I updated its core programming and design and latest version(yet to be released) I suppose it can compete with major browsers like chrome and Firefox. While developing software`s, my interest grew rapidly in website programming. So, at the age of 13, I launched my own search engine "Waris" which many people say is "a bit faster than google".


       Programming took a major time of mine. But I was blessed to have supportive and encouraging parents who encouraged me and taught me to learn from my mistakes. Because of them, i reached to the Heights of success, but as the saying goes " Even if you are the most talented person in the world, you should have a good academy background." Which I suppose I didn't have until that moment.

On one side of the coin I was there working at my search engine project and on the other side were my tenth board exams. By the time, I realized that I thought it was very late. But my mother said that if I worked hard I can achieve anything. Her words made a lot of changes in me, I could see them with my own eyes. The exams were to commence after two weeks. These two weeks really changed me and all the credit goes to my parents and especially my mother. She worked hard to make me study and helped my a lot. And the end, I successfully passed the exam scoring 73% and bagged the second place in my school.

Days passed and sure there came a time when I was to take either mathematics or science as my main subject to get admission in college. By observing my background one could say that I will probably take maths and go with software engineering. But to everyone's surprise, i took science. This decision was a result of inspiration from my dad. The day before, he told that if I were to become a software engineer, I would just help myself and my family. But if I take science I could help the whole mankind. His words greatly influenced me and my decision. 

My success at college was like the graph of a company which started small and made it large. Science was not my cup of tea. I struggled with science for the first few months. But suddenly in a night that turned magical for me, I fell in love with the subject. The competition was very tough, but I suppose I was the only student who studied science for learning while others were studying it for the sake of studying.

A moment came when everyone in my class left me and were shifted to higher sections and I was left in the lowermost section with the least care. Things started becoming difficult for me. Teachers who used to teach with zeal at the starting now taught for the sake of earning money. But then my mother, who is ever ready to help me, said me that whatever happens, happens for the sake of good. She helped me to walk on the difficult path, which I chose for myself. Because of sacrifices, my parents made, even God could not resist to give me success. And at the end of the year, i passed the examination scoring more than my friends who were transferred to higher sections - 92%. 

I was happy as I could see my parents dream - of me becoming a doctor - was becoming true.

On the other hand, one of my teacher saw my old script of a story and was much impressed and came to me and asked me to publish it.

The name of the story is "The Chosen Akil and The Kingdom Star." This story, I believe is a wonderful piece of art that could catch the interest of anyone.

The story is about Zaid.

Zaid, a child who grew up in the 22nd century without the love and care of a family, lives under the care of a programmed robot caretaker. Everyone around him insults him. He confines himself to the room of his grandfather. There the mysteries of past are revealed to him and the responsibility to save the world from a deadly virus from the programme instructions from his grandfather. He meets his lost friends in the past and is bestowed with the responsibilities to restore the kingdom. After he gets the first piece of the star he meets his enemy. Somehow after escaping the place he gets into another trouble where he was about to fall in lava. After completing his mission he goes to the kingdom.

Zaid and his companions celebrate, but for a small time. Tricked by the minister, he is sent to Baghdad and sold to a cruel man Jafar who tortures him to the highest possible extent. Saved by the chief of Baghdad Harun Al-Rashid, he stays with the chief`s sons until a teacher approaches them. He tells them a story of past and stops at the climax, saying "I will come tomorrow...........if God wills."