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From failure in school to being young millionaire

From failure in school to being young millionaire

Friday January 06, 2017,

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These 15 years old 10 graders are currently the youngest success story in North India the passion to move forward burns brightly in these teenagers learn more about there incredible journey through this article.

Its a hard task to measure the potential and talent in these young entrepreneurs one thing is very clear they have not let there age become a barrier to there tremendous success. These young minds once lost the school business plan competition , 5 months after that they were offered a sum of 3 crore INR by Mr Rishi arora Finance analyst Educomp .


On 13 April 2016 they dauntlessly steeped on the stage only to be called "Impractical" and unplanned with remorse and failure they stepped down the stage only to succeed afterwards .


With a ray of hope they went to there mentor to ask for advise. With a new strategy they stepped into the wild world of business . After that there winning streak could not seem to end IIT kanpur. IIM INDORE ,NMIMS , VIT ( STARTUPS CLUB), MNIT JAIPUR ,WEBIT , THE AUGUST FEST were only sum of the competition they won.

These are ordinary 10 graders studying in Jaipur Chetanya Golechha , Raghav singh , Bhavya and Kshitij singhal. There startup INFUSIONBEVERAGES PVT.LTD is designed and aimed at replacing soda Chetanya golecha says that soda is consumed to help with digestion , whereas it is unhealthy and full of preservatives and chemicals. With 0 calories and no sugar this fruit infused water is the future replacement of soda, without sugar this drink is 200 times sweeter than sugar based drink with material stevia improted directly with Madhya Pradesh. This drink is the infusion of taste and aroma and health. They have been successful in selling more than 1 lak bottles in 5 months and there product is patented 


Chetanya Golechha says teenagers lack patience and tranquility when they went from idea stage to production stage they lost there patience many times but they waited for right time and opportunity struck the most important quality in this field is patience and hard work the greatest advantage of starting early is that we have nothing to lose but an infinite number of opportunity ahead of us.

QUOTE from whole team

Being Entrepreneur is like not be best you have to be dangerous