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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

My Shortcut To Happiness

Monday November 28, 2016,

3 min Read

While looking for a dance studio, most people have a set of expectations - the place, crowd, music, choreographies, etc. So did I; only I didn't wonder about these general ones. I was looking for a studio that offers a unique style of movement, an encouraging and positive environment, and like-minded dancers. So after trying out a few studio classes, I discovered TR Dance Company.

When I first joined TRDC, as an outsider, I was very impressed. Saying that they fulfilled my criteria, would be an understatement. Because TRDC was exactly what I was looking for and how I imagined an ideal dance company to be like. 

First and foremost. their studio had this delightfully welcoming vibe, with smiles and cordiality everywhere! The instructors were so friendly, the students were so helpful which really calmed my nerves on my first day.

Second of all, I finally found instructors who CARE about their students. That's pretty rare in today's age of capitalistic races and competition. TR Dance Company wasn't here to compete or prove themselves. They were here to do what they loved - dance and teach dance! And this is exactly what made me a good learner. They're teaching and faculty is so efficient and dedicated, that I began improving in a month!

Thirdly, their brilliant choreographies. Their style, their movement, the way they interpret music was all so unique and AUTHENTIC. I found a way of moving which wasn't just throwing my limbs around. I understood how those movements were made. I realised how my body worked and what it was capable of doing. I started interpreting music differently. Their style and length change the way I looked on the dance floor.

TRDC burns with a passion for teaching dance and creating beautiful ways of moving. They promise you two things: 1) strong and capable bodies and 2) spiritual growth. They make it a point to develop a tight teacher-student relationship which helps new dancers grow sooner.They give personal attention and plenty of individual feedback which, for me, was very important. They work on you and your body so that you grow both physically and emotionally.

The classes in TRDC are so diverse with dancers of all kinds and different experiences, all dancing together as one unit. The different ways in which everyone moved, inspired me to no end! The room is filled with so much energy and enthusiasm, I couldn't help but have a fun time and a gleefully tired body, at the end of the classes. 

Their styles and technique, be it jazz, contemporary or ballet, is just beautiful and thorough. Forget Zumba and Bollywood! TR Dance Company's Jazz will make you look fabulous before you know it! Want to find an escape from reality? TRDC's Contemporary will speak volumes to you! Seek to control your body and want to strengthen it, then ballet is what you need! It's an aggregate and a holistic package! 

TRDC had an answer to all my fitness, emotional and health related questions. And you bet I received them! None of doubts and questions were ever left unanswered. I developed a better understanding of dance as an art. And most importantly, I became a better person.

I found myself a home at TR Dance Company, and they gladly accepted as I am, with all my flaws. TRDC makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, makes me be myself. I have understood what it takes to be a dancer, here at TR Dance Company. So naturally, like so many others, I stuck with them.

Joining TRDC - Best decision ever.

It's definitely my shortcut to happiness. Come make it yours.