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It ain't easy being a start-up!

The sheer joy of creating a new project isn't everything.

It ain't easy being a start-up!

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

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We're a small IT company based in Poland. We love working with each other. It's not always easy as each of us is quite an individualist but somehow we manage to get on quite well and develop our projects steadily and with ease. Having successfully completed a project for a British client we decided to develop one on our own, from scratch, on the side. After a few days of research and intense meetings we settled on an active monitoring solution and all of us dived into hard work. The project's architecture, design and features had to be carefully created, tested, refined, then tested again... the amount of work was ever-growing! After a few weeks of serious sweat, as pleased as we were with our ideas and execution, there was one issue all of us had to deal with... the lack of interest! Our solution was free but nobody was even remotely interested in using it! We tried every imaginable channel of modern communication... every social network and portal... but our stats barely moved! No interest! What are we doing wrong? Why is nobody interested in our supercool idea? We did everything to make it professional but fun! Colourful yet elegant! It is absolutely discouraging to see your idea constantly idle... day after day. 

For us it's an experiment. It's not our source of income. We curiously observe how difficult it is for start-ups to present their ideas and engage even a small number of people. We've gained a lot of respect for anyone who attempts such an endeavour. Kudos to all of you hard-working entrepreneurs and dream-chasers!

In case you are wondering... we're still looking for new users who are willing to help us develop a better product and learn new things.