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Why should DevOps engineers be aware of DBAs?

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Why should DevOps engineers be aware of DBAs?

Wednesday June 27, 2018,

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Every software or an application needs some kind of database connection before building, testing and deploying somewhere. To handle such complex tasks skilled people are necessary and here the role of database administrators and DevOps Certification Online Training comes into the picture. The increasing demands of the industry have made software developer to become cross-disciplinary and take up different roles including database engineers. The software developer may be asked to perform multi-tasking role if it is a start-up or a small company. They may have to take care of even a role of DBA along with development and operations so it is always safe to learn about DevOps Training.


Online DevOps Training is the new role invented in IT field and it is both unique and a little that is loosely defined. It can be defined as a combination of both development and operations. To understand DevOps, it may be required to learn a bit of operation and development in detail.

Development and Operations

We always find that there is always a tussle between a development and operation teams in an organization. The code is written by the developers and passed across to the operations for deployment. But operation teams will send back with a list of problems that they faced while deploying the code and developers are needed it to address it at the earliest. On the other hand the testing team finds a number of bugs during the code validation processes and send that list to developers and again they rewrite the code and try to fix it. Hence, the tussle continues among all the teams leading to missing deadlines and ultimately the organization pays the penalty for all the problems.

In the past organizations used to be more disconnected, where the code written by developers are being deployed by the operations without any information sharing. This communication gap created a lot of problems, but these were ignored until agile software development came around. Today teams are building new codes multiple times in a week instead of every six months, where developers are building the code multiple times a day by running continuously automated tests and validation of the codes.The competitive markets have forced the organizations to speed up the SDLC process multiple times in order to stand out from the competitors and agile platform proved to be slow, so new development platform was invented.

DevOps combines both development and operations teams on a single platform where both the processes are made to work in tandem according to the organization's pace. DevOps platform works on mutual understanding, collaboration, cooperation, and collective ownership by creating a fundamental shift that creates a powerful platform for error-free software delivery.

What DevOps means for a Software developer?

Technically speaking a software developer is a part of DevOps, as today software developers are expected to know about more than just writing code. They should be well aware of complete SDLC process and DevOps Courses validates this. One should be well aware of all the tools that are used to move the code from development to deployment and even set up and use the tools effectively. The developer should know how to use IDE and build their own code locally without any external assistance.