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Debunking the myths of the new world!


Monday July 04, 2016,

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Years ago what competition meant was if you are participating in a running race then it would be you and nine others against you. The probability of you winning was 1/10. But now things have changed, it’s the era of competition and the bars have been raised too. Well, here the probability of you winning the race is now getting more tough than being the winner among the sperms. Almost every student coming out of college thinks that they can survive in this mortal world but the thing is they couldn’t understand the sheer magnitude of the competition and how it’s driving the graduates crazy. The race for employment is growing exponentially not linearly! it’s the unspoken truth, you just have to accept it!!


From the above chart you would think that the unemployment rate has decreased substantially and would say I’m nuts! Probably I am, but if you still feel that something is off in this chart then do read the rest.

What you are seeing above is just a mirage of the reality. Yes, there are jobs out there from which you can have a living. But was your dream only about living?

Many of you might have/had dreams of becoming a millionaire and become as rich as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet. If you are crazy enough as I am then you might have also considered hanging the “Mona Lisa” painting in the bedroom. What happened to all those dreams?? When joining engineering everyone had their fair share of dreams of becoming ludicrously rich but what happened to those dreams??

Ten years ago if one wanted to have a luxurious living, Considering the IT industry the he must have had decent knowledge at C, C++, JAVA and a good command over the language and some luck. Fast forward 10 years, now, what knowledge one should possess to have a luxurious living?

The answer is quite simple, he must have an outstandingly exceptional and excellent knowledge in C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON, HTML, CSS and What not? He must be able to convince people that copper is gold through his oratorical skills and a tremendous amount of luck.

This is what I am talking about! The bars for that luxurious living has been raised and it has been raised so high that you can’t see the end to it.

                           " People only see what they want to see."

Don’t fret and don’t ever regret your decisions, you can still become the iconic role model you dreamt of! You are still safe and sound in your own isolated bubble of freedom, thinking this is the life you desired while the reality is you can’t accept that you’ve lost. Unless you get out of your comfort zone and start accepting what your dreams really were, you can’t heal that mysterious deep ache in your heart.

The bars may have been raised, your dreams might’ve been shattered, maybe you even accepted that your entire life is what it is now BUT you must realize this one simple fact “ This is not the end. “

             “If the story doesn’t have an happy ending, picture abhi baakhi hei mere dosth.

                                                             - Shah Rukh Khan