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Want to be an Android developer? Follow these tips to achieve success

Have you ever thought of becoming a software developer? As usual, no short cut leads you to that way. 

Want to be an Android developer? Follow these tips to achieve success

Thursday May 18, 2017,

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If you think you’re going to have a smooth trail while becoming an Android developer, ditch your thoughts. However, if you want to put your heart and mind both into that, that’s going to pay you back in so many ways!

Here are some tips for an aspiring android developer like you, do consider it for your better career ahead:

Education, yeah it’s important, but essential, I don’t think so

A successful code is one who codes, codes and just codes. You need not graduate from a renowned IT school to become one like that. In case you have taken some wrong decision in the past, don’t be disheartened. It doesn’t mean you lost your chance. You can learn things on your own if you have dedication.

Need a Good Job with Good Paycheck? Be Good Enough then

If you choose software development field just because it’ll let you spin more money, you’re going to fail dude. Without any interest or love for the subject, you can’t do well or judge with your position. You will be stuck at a certain point. Because of it you’ll lose chances of earning more money too. Don’t do it just for money, but do it for your passion to develop useful apps and software.

Keep Calm, Keep Coding as it’s the Key to Success

Don’t you fool yourself that you cannot fail? As a coder everyone fails in the beginning and they keep failing. This is how winning is done in true sense. The coder is someone who writes something and spends most of his time making the code work. So, have patience and keep calm and keep coding.

Use your Phone as a Powerful tool

If you don’t use you mobile phone regularly, you can’t be a good mobile apps developer. You need to be keen of all the cool mobile apps rolling out in the market. This can be an ultimate source of inspiration. Mobile development means following guidelines to achieve success, so follow them. But, be creative as well.

Be a learner; be enthusiastic about your role

If software development is your passion, you’re on the right track to success. In case you don’t have any commercial experience or no proper education, getting into your first job might be challenging. However, you can make your own projects that will leave a gret impact on the interviewer during interview. It will project that you have got something and that you want it from the heart.

Don’t be scared of Challenges

There will be some moments during the course of your career when you’ll be able to choose an easy way of doing things or doing something experimental. You might want to get away from strict rules and regulations of your company, if you think this is for better. At the end of the day, what all matters is you work. The path you have chosen may be rocky, but you got to try that. So, don’t be scared but accept challenges,

Don’t run behind bigger teams, but start from a small team

This suggestion of mine is personal though. If you have decided to get into android development field, do not get into a bigger development team, but find one with at least one in it. Find the one whom you consider better than yourself because you’ll learn a lot from him. No matter how you’re experienced, you always learn things.

Build a Team spirit

As a mobile developer you don’t need others to work along, because many projects do not need many people into it. Some of you may actually get along with it, but it’s a good idea to build a development team. It’s a way more fun, you know!

Find yourself a Way

Remember there is nothing like best development process or blab la blah. Everything evolves with every project. In case you’re the lone wolf, work it out yourself. Don’t let software development process slow you down too much. If your work is systematic you can think of it though.

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