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How Visual Engagement Can Help Your Customers

An inspiring visual content play an instrumental in building customer loyalty. It can help customers solve their query in fast manner.

How Visual Engagement Can Help Your Customers

Wednesday October 26, 2016,

7 min Read

Having a perfect online website is the dream of every single E-commerce enterprise in a bid to engage their viewers. To capture the attention of the users, most E-commerce sites depend on gripping Visual Engagement techniques to serve their visitors in a faster and a quicker way.

Visual engagement concepts have the ability to assist your customers on a real-time basis. And, faster engagement means the more realistic chances you have of successfully converting a user into a potential buyer.

However, there are certain specific ways in which visual content and engagement techniques can help you to troubleshoot your client’s website. So, let us explore the prominent four ways.

1. Helps the customers to comprehend a situation better and faster

When visuals are involved, people are more willing to read that content by 80%: Source

Just a take leaf out of the statistic above—if your viewers start reading your content then the chances are that they will understand the situation better. It does not matter for what purpose you are putting the content out; if it can solve an issue, then you must make sure to present that solution in a graphical way.

Users who watch a product video are 1.8 times likely to complete a transaction: Source

Any kind of visual connection helps a shopper to grasp the situation better and helps your team to communicate and convey whatever they want to say or portray. People also tend to remember more what they read or see, rather than what they hear.

Check out this sample troubleshooting advice from Samsung.

Just a simple graphical presentation is enough to make users understand how effortlessly they can remove or insert a sim card into the Samsung phone. Once your customer is educated enough, he or she can quickly rectify the issue himself or herself. Visual content is hence important to equip your users in the best possible way.

If you educate your users correctly, you can empower them to solve issues—thus saving their own and your own time.

Ways to put in your visual content for faster customer education: Use pictures, infographics, explainer videos, etc.

2. It can reduce support calls and emails and also fastens up troubleshooting times

34% of callers who hang up, do not ever call back: Source

Both companies and customers dread numerous emails and support calls, as both parties know multiple contacts mean time wasting or slow turnarounds. Here firms have to the take the initiative to reduce the calls and the emails by providing the right and robust support through visual content.

If your company’s website possesses the right visual content to guide and help a shopper, then automatically the calls to your stations would reduce and ultimately stop.

Proper visual content or engagement traits can solve an issue in a quick manner so that you can have the ability to move on to the next case, and in turn, the consumers can get a fast service.

As you know, there are many ways to highlight your visual content, and one of them is by making a video.

Here is how LG made a video to educate their LED T.V. users.

This 4-minute video, made by the U.S. arm of the multinational, will tell you whatever you need to know about your new LG LED. The knockdown effect of it—new LG buyers will not call the company and ask questions about how to set up my TV with the set top box.

On the other side, in 4 minutes, a customer would be able to set up his or her brand new LED television. In some cases, just the overall wait time, on customer support calls are longer than that!

According to this statistic, consumers opt for phones (61%) and email (60%) of times when they have to reach out. Thus, with correct visual engagement plans and content, companies can quickly reduce these numbers.

3. Use of technology can also provide a better supporting hand to your consumers

Technology is developed and created to ease up the human effort and to make life simpler for all. Hence, it is a no-brainer that even customer support, during its evaluation, has adapted technology in its wings to serve clients in a better way.

One of technology’s most significant innovations for customer support program has been the visual engagement tools. There are several tools and software, which companies use relentlessly, to provide the best support and aid to all their clients.

Just understand the scenario—your users need a demonstration about a product you are selling. Will it be viable for you to send down an executive physically and explain them the product? No, as you will make a demonstration video or use tools and features like co-browsing and screen share.

See this video from Cisco about its Cisco ASR 1000 series router. How easily the demonstrator explains to the viewers about the specifications, features, expertise, and benefits of the router. Your support team can provide similar presentations and demos via live chat tools and its features like co-browsing, screen sharing, real-time video chatting video conferencing, and file sharing.

And the best part of using tools like this is? Your shoppers can always ask questions if they ever have a doubt about anything. Hence, the interaction process via these visual engagement options becomes much more relevant and useful.

Just check out this video, you will understand how co-browsing can help the customers in a very efficient way.

4. Visual Content helps to build trust and credibility

46% of marketing executives believe pictures are vital for making storytelling and marketing strategies: Source

Companies work hard day and night to procure and win the trust of their customers. This trust building process is vital to retain a shopper and turn him or her into a loyalist. Even creating an environment where people can engage with you depends on how trustworthy your brand is and can become.

Now you might ask how you can gain this trust and build this credibility. Well, visual engagement is an excellent source for creating that image.

People need concrete proof when they need to know facts and stats about your company. Visual stats are always correct, and pictures always provide the facts. There is no gray area when you put your message across in visual content. People read/see it, understand it, and retain it!

Content with pictures are shared 94% of the times more: Source

Visual content always helps to build the trust, as audio or spoken words, in some cases, can be distorted.

If the online store does not have any pictures or graphics contemplating the products, then chances are people will bailout from a transaction. Text and product description only will not suffice, as people always like to see what they want to buy.

85% of users will more likely make a purchase after they see a product visually

Just check out how AIG is using pictures/videos on its homepage to portray the goodwill of their brand to create the trust factor.

Final word

Therefore, now that you know what powerful impact, visual content can bring to a business; we believe that you must try to chisel in maximum visual engagement features on your online store.

The more your try to highlight your service/product visually— or the data and stats related to it—the more you will tap into the minds of your audience, and ultimately serve them in a better way.