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The Growing Importance of Salesforce Learning

The Growing Importance of Salesforce Learning

Friday April 12, 2019,

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Customer Relationship Management has evolved to become one of the most promising career choices in modern times. It is no hidden truth that almost all the firms are orienting their approach to be more customer-centric irrespective of which domain they are operating in i.e. it can be a technology business or a typical manufacturing unit. The root idea of customer acquisition has been replaced by customer loyalty. It is this shift in the basic ideology which has led to the development of various software and tools which are primarily focussed on serving the customers.

Growing Significance of Salesforce Learning

  • Amongst all the CRM products which have hit the market, Salesforce has carved a special place for itself as it has immensely benefited firms increase their conversions by 32%, sales revenue by 27% and also improvement of faster deployment by 56%. Thus, there is a huge demand for Salesforce professionals across a range of industries and geographies.
  • It has been seen that there is a huge number of job opportunities for all kinds of Salesforce professionals like Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators, Business Analysts in Salesforce, etc.
  • Salesforce is being employed by firms of all sizes with smaller firms starting with basic investments to bigger businesses which are constantly upgrading their Salesforce systems to fulfill their requirements for customized applications.
  • The increase in demand has simultaneously led to an increase in salaries for Certified Salesforce professionals.
  • The core strength of Salesforce lies in its CRM capabilities especially with the Sales Cloud, which makes it the major CRM player in the sphere of digital marketing. It has changed the whole dynamics of the ways firms used to engage with customers and the outcomes expected with each point of contact.
  • Over 200,000 firms are currently using the Salesforce Platform primarily for leveraging their business functions. All these are in constant need of experts who can help them build more robust CRM capabilities.

Significance of Salesforce CRM for Businesses

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: As discussed, satisfying your customers has emerged as the primary role of every firm. Salesforce is an affordable and highly modern service which helps address all the customer needs in a mobile fashion. All the companies which have implemented Salesforce have reported an increase in customer satisfaction quotient by 45% which is directly related to the profit earned.

  • Revenue Growth: The firms today more than just a simple tool which used to manage the contacts, for effective management of customer relationships. Thus, there is a dire need of a smart application which can not only point-out the potential customers but also weaves the services in a way, based on various insights to give rise to the excellent user experience. Salesforce serves exactly this purpose for the businesses and it is, for this reason, most of the top-brass companies of the world are clients of Salesforce.

  • Increased ROI: Salesforce serves many purposes for a firm which range from the generation of leads, guessing the customer behavior based on insights and also monitoring customer loyalty across businesses. Another advantage is that Salesforce entirely works on Cloud and thus the user does not have to download any hardware or software. These features have made Salesforce a hot-favorite of businesses across the world. Most of the firms which use Salesforce have reported an increase in their Return on Investment by an astonishing figure of 43%.

The Need for Salesforce Certification

  • Huge Number of Job Opportunities: The businesses which use Salesforce usually want professionals who are holding valid Salesforce Certifications. You can choose any role like a developer, technical architect, Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Project Manager, Salesforce Business Analyst, etc. but each role has demanding responsibilities attached to it.

  • Attractive Salary: As a Salesforce Certified professional, you are regarded as a highly skilled person and thus will be able to bag a handsome salary package which is either equivalent to or even more than the software developers and other Big Data Professionals. The main point is that the Salesforce skills lead to highly alluring salary packages which are not just limited to the roles of admins and devs but is spread across all the roles it has to offer. An average salary package for a Salesforce professional starts from $70,000 per year.

  • Career Growth: Salesforce is at the top of the CRM technologies and is here to stay for a long time. It will thus create a huge number of job opportunities as it will evolve further to incorporate better technologies. Experts have suggested that Salesforce is among the top 10 digital skills that can boost your marketing careers. Thus, there is a huge scope for growth, and it is expected that by 2020, nearly 360,000 more jobs will be created in the field of business analysts.

Salesforce Learning

The most interesting part of learning Salesforce Skills is that it is both important and fun to master the same. You are expected to complete trails of modules and projects which will help you earn specific badges. Furthermore, unlocking of a super badge will be proof of your expertise in your domain. You can proudly display these badges on your profile as you learn. A Trailhead badge is highly useful in guiding you to become a Salesforce Expert and also at the same time reinvent your resume. It can be shown to your employer or your team as a mark that you know Salesforce.


Salesforce will continue to create more jobs on its way to constantly bring in path-breaking changes to the world of digital marketing. The growing number of clients are a testimony of its success and thus investing your time in learning Salesforce is a wise decision which can take you places and help your career achieve new heights. The stir created by Salesforce in the marketing ecosystem will definitely lead to a promising career as more and more companies are looking for certified Salesforce professionals who can help design and implement their marketing plans. Thus, this is the right time to give your career a new boost and taking the desired certifications.