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5 resources every college student should use

There are so many resources for better studying. But what are the best?

5 resources every college student should use

Monday March 26, 2018,

4 min Read

If you are a smart kid, you already know that the internet is the best place to find resources and learning the material to help you with your studies. From video content, tutorials, detailed guides, ebooks, tips from experts, to interactive lessons, there is everything available on the internet if you know where to look.


In a competitive world, college and high school students need online resources that can not only help them with their learning but also with managing their time. The good thing is, there are thousands of such resources available on the internet, but the issue is, there are so many resources that it is impossible for you to compare and find the best one that caters to your needs.

To make it easier for students, I have looked into hundreds of quality resources and selected the best for you.

1. Duolingo

Let’s start with a quality resource that can help you learn a new language with ease – Duolingo. Many students in high school or college take up a foreign language course, but after a couple of months, they often regret the decision. Why? Because learning a foreign language is not that easy as some people think.

But not anymore with the resources like Doulingo. This amazing interactive website also has its own app. This means you can learn a language while on a bus, or at a work computer, or while lying on your couch. The lessons are easy and contain drills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking lessons.

It is also a fun resource as you earn points as you move forward through the lessons. You can share your progress with your friends or classmates, that encourage healthy competition.

Some other similar websites for learning languages:

• Livemocha

• Busuu

Living Language

2. HandMadeWritings

Most students look for resources that can help them in three areas, technical, study planning, and academia. HandMadeWritings keep you covered in all three areas. It not only help you improve your writing skills, but also relieve burden by taking extra work away from you. If you are busy with other subjects, you can get your essays done by them.

Subscribing to them will not only help you with study planning but also improve your technical writing skills. They offer essay writing, research papers, academic assignments, term papers, and dissertation writing services. The price is also affordable compared to many other similar websites, so you can make use of their services even if you are on a budget.

They also offer a lot of free resources that can help you write better on your own.


E-tutoring is another great resource for students who want to improve their writing skills. It is an interactive tutoring program that connects teachers and students for one-on-one lessons.

You can subscribe as a student if your college is not already subscribed, as it offers two models, one is collaborative that allows schools and colleges in the US to subscribe to its services for their students, or single, for individuals.

4. GoConqr

This online resource is what you call a modern and advanced platform for learning. It is equipped with some amazing interactive smart tools, that work on your browser as well as on your mobile devices to make learning easier.

The library contains 9 million resources that are created by a 4 million strong community with hundreds of more topics added every day. You can explore a map of interconnected smaller topics that also help you relate one topic to another. This way, even when you learn smaller topics, you can see the bigger picture and things in the right context.

Some interesting tools this platform offers include smart progress tracking, study planner, self-created quizzes, flashcards, and other useful tools. The platform calls itself “the social learning network”, so you can also treat it as a social networking platform dedicated to learning.

5. Schooltraq

Some people are very good at learning but very poor at planning their studies. If this is the case with you, one of the best resources to keep a track on your academic progress is Schooltraq. The interactive platform allows you to keep an eye on your homework, assigned topics, future topics to cover, and already covered topics.

You can also sync all the data with your phone app. This way you can have an access to your coursework at any time and from any location. The dashboard also uses some very advanced tools and features that make it easier for you to manage your school or college progress.


Even though there are probably thousands of learning resources to choose from, but you don’t have time to explore each one, do you? No, right! This is why we have created this list, as these 5 tools will keep you covered from planning your studies, learning new skills, languages, improving your writing, to getting external help when you are overburdened.