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A true story that would make you self introspect

Saturday September 24, 2016,

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I remember one of my Indian friend, an engineering working professional, who was ultra-modern and tech savvy in his life style. He came from Japan to India to persue his career in an MNC in Hyderabad. In due course of nice friendship with him, I found all his activities quite predictable, like a Bollywood movie script ( sorry for this stereotype, for all Bollywood movies are not predictable). That is thriving on fast food, living with Hollywood action movies, being gadget freak and partying with so many friends, mostly girls with almost equal intimacy (I don't say girlfriend as I was not sure which one of those girls might be his girlfriend).There was equal reciprocation of camaraderie among them. Once I could not believe my eyes to see him watching the cartoon network animated episode 'Devotee Prahlad and Demon Hiranyakashipu'. My joy knew no bounds to see him almost glued to the show awaiting desperately Lord Vishnu to take incarnation of Lord Narasimha-appearance for the assassination of the invincible demon Hiranyakashipu for the rescue of devotee Prahlad.

I confess that I have been watching each and every nuances of his activities. But frankly saying, to my surprise I have never seen him engrossed up to this extent in any action movies before. Interestingly and challenginglly, I was in exploration mode along the path of the memory molecules of his brain cells, researching to unravel the unpredictable twist in his predictable life story line.

Oh God,Eureka..Eureka..I found the key, the real human nature of him. It took me no time to realize that in the treadmill of modern life style, however modern he tries to emulate, ultimately he has to return to his basic instincts. His conscious action might not permit him for this self-realization, but subconsciously he is inclined to respect and worship the highest form of supernatural power. I would rather call this as his basic instincts. In the case study of my friend, this instinct was already within him, but uncommunicated to his conscious knowledge. And the instinct spontaneously expressed in its natural form parallely with the TV show. When I asked him regarding the paradigm shift in his attitude and expression for the TV show, just few word emerged from his mouth, 'Nothing special,just like that'.

Then I felt like losing the battle between me and his intellect. In my last chasing attempt (As I recharged myself from the energetic proverb, 'Never repent, stop not, who knows in the last attempt you may achieve wonder'), I moved a bit closer to his inner psychology. Oh my God! It was really an unbreakable code, almost impossible to formulize in any understandable equation. He is still not in a way to communicate to himself that he was really interested and engrossed to the divine devotional saga.

Then, I determined not to have any in-depth attempt to decipher the code of innate behaviour of human...,

as modern life is JUST LIKE THAT................