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Top five data recovery software's of 2017

Top five data recovery software's of 2017

Thursday April 27, 2017,

5 min Read

Facing problem due to loss of data? Don't Worry, following Data Recovery Software's are there to help you out

Corruption of data is very common in today's technically advanced era. With coming up cyber security threats and increasing threats due to Firmware or human error backing up of useful data is no longer considered a waste of time especially in a business environment. But making backing up of data an organization may have to spent huge amount of money in order to have backup devices in abundance. This is the reason why Data Recovery Software's have become very popular in the recent times. Despite being economical and pocket friendly these tools recovers almost 100% data in a matter of few clicks.

Here we have picked 5 of the top data recovery software's based on various performance tests. Each software is a perfect solution for repair of corrupted data.

1) SysInfoTools Software-: With over 100+ smart utilities for data recovery in just a span of over 6 years SysInfoTools is by far one of the best developers of data recovery present in the IT industry. With Excellent Customer Satisfaction and 24*7 customer support, SysInfoTools has been able to satisfy millions of customers worldwide. One feature which makes it perfect for customers is the fact that the free version of its Data recovery tool is also able to recover complete data from a corrupted file which can be previewed by the user. With high end support for NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and FAT64 (exFAT) file formats this software utility is easily compatible for all versions of Windows Operating System. Adding to that one can auto search the files in the system directory search feature Its paid version authorizes users to save the recovered file at a desired location. 

SysInfoTools Logo

SysInfoTools Logo

2) StellarInfo-: Another pick for the top 5 would definitely be StellarInfo supporting recovery of nearly 300 file types. Established in the year1993 Stellar has a customer base of 2 million + users presence in 3 locations. Apart from Windows Stellar provides data recovery support for Mac and Linux but one has to bear an extra cost for using those tools. It provides 24*5 customer support and its free version only scan and display the results to the user. Moreover its paid version does not support partition recovery option and one has to buy it separately in addition to the already bought version. But being able to provide Data recovery services in almost 190 countries worldwide StellarInfo is there to be picked.

StellarInfo Logo

StellarInfo Logo

3) Recuva-: Another must have tool in case of immediate data recovery is Recuva. Being in the data recovery business for over a decade now it provides excellent support to recover file formats of all types . Unlike most file recovery tools, Recuva can recover files from damaged or newly formatted drives. Available for Windows it is developed by piriform which made a sensation with its PC cleaner software Ccleaner. Being developed by the same organization Recuva has not managed to make a huge impact as compared to Ccleaner but this tool is a must try for data recovery related issues.   


4) Kernel-: Kernel Data Recovery another well known name in the world of data recovery provides high end support and smart utility software's for data recovery. Having gained a huge customer base and organizational setup in three countries, its data recovery utilities are being used by educational universities, forensic service advisors, defense bases and intelligence agencies all across the world. The Windows Data corruption error is supported for both logical and physical devices. The software has been intelligently designed to support long file names and compatibility with major versions of Windows Operating System. The fact that it only supports FAT 16 and 32 versions goes against it a bit but none the less Kernel data Recovery has been able to earn a good repute for itself in the last few years and is giving tough competition to its competitors.

Kernel Data Recovery Logo

Kernel Data Recovery Logo

5) Wondershare-: With support for over 550 file formats including documents, photos, emails, and videos, Wondershare is our last gem of Top 5 data Recovery Software's of 2017. According to a leading tech media CNET " Wondershare Data Recovery ... provides a ton of options for how to recover files and what types to search for, so you can streamline the process and get the results you're looking for quickly". Unlike other data recovery tools Wondershare provides support for 5 recovery modes. This could be very useful for a user with technical background but might create a problem for a non-technical person as to which mode to select. Its free version recovers a file size of upto 300 MB and for file size beyond that you have to buy a full version .

WonderShare data recovery Logo 

WonderShare data recovery Logo 

So with These top rated data recovery tools available rest assured about the security of your data.Just try their free versions and then try to figure out which tool is the best suited for your requirement. Start in the order I have mentioned them and may be you will not have to download all versions.

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