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Passion For Doing Something Of My Own

There is a saying when god closes one way he opened the other 100 ways.

Tuesday November 15, 2016,

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Hello, Bhawana here, a very normal girl...you should say a very normal ,shy rajput girl.My life is very much relates to this RAJPUT word.Not going in details.Selected for NIT Trichy but due to that rajput customs girls are not allowed to outside.So ,took admission in Jaipur only.Did my graduation and post graduation from here and I got job in Cognizant.After so much of "rona-dhona" I was allowed to go to Chennai for my job.Without Telling to my parents I applied in Indian Army and Navy and also got selected which was my dream but as usual I was not allowed to go.That was very heart broken moment for me.But that was not the end of my dreams.Now I just want to show many of them that a Rajput girl also can do something of its own.

I didn't left my dreams, they were key of my life .How can I leave them.I was called from Chennai , resinging my job.And ask to work with my Father. That was not at all my dream.I just want to do something of my own.But that time it was my majburi.I fought with them for my passion.And many times my father thought I am egoistic who always say I will do something of my own.

But this is true more than my parents my friends helped me,they were the base of my life.After fighting with all those customs and religion of Rajputs ,this rajput girl build up her own company ADAUGEO TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS .Adaugeo itself means PASSION.

Now I am the proud girl , whatever I wanted I achieved.But this is not the limit I have to go far Beyond.Just one thing I have to say have passion for your dreams , you will achieve them definitely .