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Know your True-self before Dreaming Big

Have you ever wondered that in every person there is an Actual-Self and an Ideal-Self?

Know your True-self before Dreaming Big

Friday January 13, 2017,

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Have you ever wondered that in every person there is an Actual-Self and an Ideal-Self?

Actual-Self is who we are, it’s a Self-Image dictated by what we look like, feel and interact with others. On the contrary, Ideal-Self is what we generally hanker to become. The goals for the later depends on what and how we have been instructed over a time, this admired picture takes motivation from our folks, society, and our experiences in life.

A class tenth Student may have a desire to end up being a researcher in NASA, Becoming a scientist can be his Ideal-Self yet how well he performs in related subjects can characterize his Actual-Self which can impact his future expectations. Scoring low every time in science can build the crevice between his Actual and Ideal Self which results in anxiety and structures premise for each issue. Reserving more push to enhance grades in Science can help him to achieve his objective faster and decrease such incongruence which generally brings about mental pain.

The feeling of mental prosperity or true serenity comes when both are congruent with each other and Perceived Self is properly aligned with Ideal-Self.

High expectations can be very beneficial in helping an individual use their full potential, but without proper assessment of one’s perceived self, we can only experience failures. No one stops a person to dream big, everyone can think of building another Google in this world, but this kind of expectations always demand perseverance, hard work and above all resources. The wrong comprehension of your true self can make things more complex and life more demanding.

Ever pondered why most of the entrepreneurs fail in their endeavors? The problem lies in their assessment. They only wish to create another Google, but never earmark efforts which can take them closer to their dream. They crave to become another Mark Zuckerberg, however neglect to comprehend that there is an excess of a crevice between who they are at this moment and where Mark Zuckerberg is, which demands anything and everything, and whatever in between to fill this gap.

Legitimate appraisal of yourself is critical if you need to accomplish something greater in your life. On the off chance that you despise coding and discover its ideas hard to handle, and still long for turning into a first class web developer, then chances are that you may land yourself in some serious trouble. Because your Real-Self and Ideal-Self lacks alignment, they are not in sync with other. If you want to succeed you either need to develop passion for coding or put more effort in understanding its concepts despite there is no liking, but the moment you start understating it there are better chances that you may fell in love with it, which will at last help in making yourself harmonious with what you need to accomplish.

But how to find your Real-Self and align with your Ideal-Self? Well, there is no single response to this most confounded mission of discovering your actual self. I feel the main route is to be honest with yourself, quit faking about who you truly are. Start earmarking efforts to improve yourself and make it aligned for self-actualization. No one can better help a person to know his Real-Self than the person himself. Assess yourself before setting any goal in your life, it is better to fail now rather than failing slowly, where the latter part is much worse.

Take a piece of white paper even tissue paper would work, list down all your strengths which can help you to accomplish your goal. And find out that something which is stopping you becoming more effective and efficient in your quest. Find out ways to dent such difficulties, even if it means learning a new skill, getting proficient in what little you already know.

Start filling the crevice to achieve inner peace and start living your life.

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