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6 steps to build an effective team to achieve success

6 steps to build an effective team to achieve success

Tuesday June 27, 2017,

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It is easier to describe companies these days. It takes no time to say that the company is powerful and successful. Such words create an illusion of perfection wrapped up in the cutthroat environment. But a competitive workplace should not work with the dominance of superiors or surrender of employees.

The workplace should not induce the feeling of fear amongst the employees. Any work culture which promotes the idea of master and slave does not thrive for long.

A company operates best and for the longest time when employees work with a unified mentality, each of them filling the shoes for a needed role and fulfilling long-term goals.

It is very necessary to realise that not just finance but manpower is a very important aspect of any business. Even if many industries have become automated, a human is needed to operate the same machinery.

When a person thinks about establishing a company, a major challenge in front of him/her is to build a team. At times it is easier to get finance, investors and clients but the major hurdle is posed by the non-availability of trustworthy man-power.

Here are a few things which one should consider for building an effective and efficient team:

Assign Proper Roles

It is necessary to understand, who is fit for which role. A thorough selection process for hiring team members is beneficial in the long term. It might consume a lot of time, but it is profitable in the long run. It is unfair to hire someone just to have bodies in the room.

The companies who fall for such shallow people have to incur great losses in the long run. It is always right to allot a role the specialised person as it has higher payoffs in the future.

Acknowledge every role

The task doesn’t end at the allocation of different roles. It is important to keep a constant check over the same. Nowhere taking this negatively, one should understand that any of the roles need to be acknowledged time to time. If not, the worker may feel undervalued and ask themselves, “Why the hell am I even here?” A sense of purpose affects every employee’s performance.

When anybody feels undervalued, the mechanical feeling ensues automatically. Monotony replaces excitement and robotics substitute passion. When rendered unnecessary, employees easily detach themselves from the work at the end of the day.

Bridge the Gap

It is necessary to break the ice when the team is new. A healthy communication is one way to do so. A proper networking in a firm is important so that people can also have written a communication to solve each other’s problems, to help each other and to track everyone’s progress.

For this, the infrastructure should be great with the availability of PC’s, laptops and related accessories. It won’t do any harm if personal smartphones are banned from use in the office area as this ensures the building up of a strong bond between team members. Always give each member a chance to speak.

Count everyone’s opinions while taking a decision. This helps them engage with each other and boost their self-esteem leading to a better performance. Moreover, the smartphone addiction might be the reason behind professional and social problems.


Setting up daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets with the team becomes the base of every task that is set to be completed each day. Deadlines invite fast and enthusiastic work on everyone’s part. This enables the team to view the holistic picture and progress towards it. The milestones give an opportunity to the team members to band together for success.


At this, one might think only about festivities. But along with it, one must also celebrate the successes and failures of the company. Make a shout out of those who have achieved something great. “Employee of the month”, “Special Achievement”, etc are some titles that can be introduced to boost good performances. In cases of failure, avoid blame game and search for routes that can solve the problem and minimise the damage.

Know All

It is always an added advantage if the team is new and big. One gets a chance to form an extended family. Also, in a family people know each other; their strengths and weaknesses. The same formula applies to a company.

To enjoy the equation as that of the family members arrange for monthly outings, parties and games. This kind of socialising gives a chance to the team members to appreciate each other for more than the work they do.

Getting to know each other helps in understanding each other’s thought processes and their style of work. It enables in giving ideas on how to have constructive discussions on tough days.


In every organisation, communication is the key to success. The new generation is forgetting the basic point that even before the advent of smartphones, communication was possible and was primarily face-to-face. If we inculcate this habit today, we can avoid many conflicts at the workplace resulting in a comfortable and happy work environment.

Forming an efficient team is the primary task of any organisation. Money can be earned from time to time but it is hard to find a trustworthy, reliable, hardworking and determined manpower. Focus on building an effective and united team, success will follow eventually.