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Creativity is the new trend........

Creativity Gives Birth To Innovation & Innovation Gives Birth To Great Results

Tuesday August 01, 2017,

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Creativity is the latest trend in any industry, be it fashion, science, sports, business etc.

Having said so, the genesis of all these industries is education. So, that is why creativity plays a very vital role in education.

A good teaching methodology is defined by how strong its curriculum is in the sense of being student friendly, easy to understand and knowledge oriented. However, to sum it all, if we are to define all these three parameters into one single feature, we call it “CREATIVITY”.

Teaching methodologies have had a paradigm shift in last few decades. We have moved from outdoor classroom system to indoor classroom system, from books to digital books, from narrating and enacting stories and incidents to making PPT’s. However, if we look closely we have not shifted much in terms to teaching styles as in currently we are using technology as aid to teaching,

So, here i ask a question,” what have we changed then”.

The answer is how it’s being taught, and what is taught...........................

Curriculum is made by the teachers at the beginning of every session considering the above two points and they try their best to bring in all the resources which will get the creative juices flowing.

The importance of creativity can be dated way back in the days of teaching methodology followed by our Rishimuni’s to impart knowledge to young prince .Though they didn’t had a curriculum but they always followed their teaching with practical knowledge enriched with creativity.

Our brain is equivalent to a self operated hard drive which only retains information which it considers of high importance(conscious mind) and erases the rest (sub conscious mind).Hence we need to be very careful on how we receive the information and through what source and depending on that the information is filtered and processed accordingly. All these processing and churning of information can be easily done through making it more creative.

As per research, we tend to retain only 10% of what we see, 40% of what we see and hear and 90% of what we see, hear and do. This is where creativity comes in , the method in which you are able to retain 90% of the information is the best curriculum, but again its a challenge to create such a curriculum which your students can hear, see and do at the same time.

Many schools and education system have understood the same and have implemented few methods which encompass all the three features of a information to be seen, heard and done at the same time. Naming few of them will be role plays, visual aids, field trips, presentations, projects etc.

Seema Sharma