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An ecosystem for creative community. #Connect #Create #Collaborate

Tuesday September 06, 2016,

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Ekattha is a brainchild of Rasika Tanmay Mehta. A journey started by her to engage and encourage the creative community of India, has now sown its first seeds in Aundh, Pune. After creating and selling lot of hand made products in flea market for more than a year, Rasika realized that there are no regular transactions happening to keep her engaged post flea market. And that's when she identified that other designers, art/craft curators, painters, etc. were facing the same problem. So to nurture their talent and help them get a right place to market their products, Ekattha was born. 

After doing market research for around 4 months, the concept was further grown. She realized that it isn't about creating and selling your own products, it is more like connecting with like minded people, creating good things and then collaborating to grow. It took her more than 2 months to find the ideal place for Ekattha, which now has an open air terrace of more than 700 sqft and more than 1100 sqft of community space. 

Today, at Ekattha they invite startup enthusiasts,freelancers and professionals from creative industry to work, learn and share their talents with the society. They have artists, painters, art & craft curators, graphic designers, interior designers, photographers, content writers, cinematographers, animation & illustration designers, etc. working together cohesively under one roof. They also have workshops happening every weekends at Ekattha. Activities like ice-breaking sessions, stress busters, expert talks, etc. are regulars in the weekdays for coworkers. There are also fun-times at Ekattha. There are monthly events like Startup Meets, Games day, Karaoke evenings, Jamming nights and many more.

Ekattha has entered in market with long term vision of creating forums and online/offline shops to sell the products and services of the community members to the globe. They don't just give infrastructure to the members but also provide them with a platform to grow and excel their skills & talents. There is something for each member to benefit in Ekattha - private meeting rooms, workshop areas, audio video and books library and co-working space. With this goal of getting together the creative community of India, the name Ekattha (meaning together in hindi) was formed. 

Next time you hear creative, you hear Ekattha !!!