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5 Amazing Tools to Evaluate Instagram Stories Results

5 Amazing Tools to Evaluate Instagram Stories Results

Tuesday May 07, 2019,

5 min Read

It is estimated that approximate 500 million active users on Instagram daily are making Instagram stories a big hit. It is getting an important part of the social media marketing strategies for digital marketers which help them in making strong business connections. 

Particularly, Instagram has swiftly titled as one of the most popular social media channels in this world of online marketing where its users visit with a motive to upload images, videos for ample the number of purposes. It has become a useful and interactive social app which connecting the users by just using a HashTag. It is also observed that 80% of the Insta users follow minimum one business profile while around 81% finds it beneficial in terms of doing research and development of different types of products & even services. 

There is no second doubt that Insta has a lot of potentials to offer to its users unless we use it wisely, for example –stories on Instagram. If you wish to gain most from this, you need to do a deep calculation in order to analyze what exactly your followers expect from your business or brand.   

Analytics of Data for Instagram Stories

There are ample numbers of methods to measure on what users respond best while viewing your Instagram stories.

It starts from the native analytics of your Insta application. This will help you in getting the data while you do the profile discovery. All you need to do is just move up the clicks and see the communication happened on the stories. 

Still not happy, want a detailed analysis, you can use these third-party applications which will help you in giving further engagement in stories.

These are the top five analytics tools for Instagram Stories to measure your success or failure.

1. Socialinsider

This paid tool offers you the plenty of features by calculating the performance of your stories. It facilitates you with the performance of your stories by making you understand with its insight. It is used because of the following reasons -

·        It gives the data on kind of stories are making noise on Insta

·        Perfect time with days to publish your story for maximum impression and reach

·        Hashtags performing best in stories in the form of text

·        Number of viewers watched your stories.

Moreover, with this it is easy to find out your content KPIs of Insta, and make a strong impression for your sphere.

2. Later

It is actually a scheduling tool that gives the in-depth analysis of the performance of the published content on Instagram.

It is best for the analysis of below areas -

·        Impressions

·        Reach for stories & posts

·        Suitable time for stories (like when should you post)

·        Rate of completion

·        Accurate data for multiple regions so that you can focus on other regions also

It a free tool which means you can use it as a freemium and upgrade it later wards. 

3. Iconosquare

It is also a paid tool but offers the trial initially. It offers insight in terms of the performance about the content posted on Instagram. It emphasizes on the improvement of both conversion rate and brand of growth. It gives the thorough feedback on saves, clicks, likes, impressions, reach, comments with other related points of data.


It offers the following –

·        Easy to interpret graphs

·        Detailed figures

·        Performance of stories

·        Shows reach for paid ad based on metrics like gender, age, location.

·        Performance of HashTags

4. Quaintly

This paid tool offers plenty of advantages to understand about your stories and normal posts you are posting on Instagram. Like other tools, it also analyses the performance in detail about bounce rates, conversions, impressions and reach.    

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is again a paid tool but gives the option of choosing thirty days trial. It is really beneficial if you want to audit the performance of specific elements. It dives into the Instagram stories in order to give the accurate idea of your performance. 

It is advantageous for the below reasons

·        Accomplishment of each story

·        Replies received per post or story

  • How many times users moved down to pause viewing your story
  • How many of times a user has moved back in order to view story again

·        How many times a user has move forward on your story post


No doubts, stories on Instagram are rapidly becoming an important element in digital marketing services. Using an analytics tool for Instagram make you understand about actual performance of stories and posts sailing on Insta. It is important to understand about the behavior of both as it makes the users interested or uninterested. The above blog is written by the experts of e-Definers Technology. Keep visiting this space for Instagram Marketing Services, latest updated stories, informative posts and meaningful blogs based on the latest happening of digital arena.