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5 Expert Social Media Predictions to Watch Out for in 2019

5 Expert Social Media Predictions to Watch Out for in 2019

Wednesday July 10, 2019,

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Social media is a dynamic online platform, and if you're not accustomed to changing, then you probably won't do well online. Let's go through the top five social media predictions made by experts that you need to watch out for in 2019. 

If you have noticed that your company's social media engagement has dropped, then you need to look at the following predictions to get your numbers back up. After all, social media is an oasis of potential consumers. 

1. Video Content Is Going to Rule Social Media:

If you look at the leading media platforms in the digital space, you will find that sites like YouTube and LinkedIn have included the "live" feature. 

Facebook loves video content. You must have noticed that in the past two years, Facebook's content is mostly video, and users love it. Instagram has also become video friendly. With features like IGTV and live stories, the audience can explore relevant content through these Social Media Trends

The video takeover is not going to slow down anytime soon. Social media giants are going to push video content harder in 2019 because they want to take over television networks. From YouTube TV to Facebook broadcasting sporting events, they all want a piece of offline media. 

Likewise, if you want to improve your company's social media page, you have to start pumping out video content from today. It doesn't have to be studio level quality. 

Simply set up a good camera, have a script that includes quality content, and hit the record button. In the end, you will reach your target audience group and increase customer engagement as well. That's how effective video content can be for your brand. 

2. Brands Will Bear More Weight:

There has been a wave of fake news across cyberspace, and it's not just on social media sites. Even Google has found content that includes fake news. Reputable sites are tired of pushing fake news, and the solution to this problem is having credible brands validate your content. This prediction holds true because brands are less likely to endorse fake news because their reputation is on the line. 

Therefore, you need to focus on building your brand. You will have to use multiple channels to bring in more weight to your brand.

 Think about attending offline events, conferences, speaking at prominent seminars in your industry, and so on. All these approaches will help build up your corporate brand and increase your online visibility on social media platforms

3. Likes and Shares May Not Mean as Much in the Future:

Social media experts have predicted that in 2019, liking and sharing a post may not mean as much as commenting on posts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media giants thrive on receiving maximum comments on their posts. Therefore, the more comments you receive, the better off you will be. 

Comments have the potential to be a successful commitment tactic in the future because it promotes consumer engagement; it will also lead to better results. 

All the comments you receive may not be positive, some may be downright brutal, but that's okay because it means your content is getting many views and it's reaching a massive amount of potential customers. It's easy to click the like or share button and forget about a post, but it's challenging to receive a comment. Companies want content that will bring out in-depth conversations and not just a generic yes or no. So, by aiming for discussion-length comments, your post will do a lot better on social media. 

4. Advertising Is Going to Be Challenging:

It's obvious that advertising is going to be expensive in the coming years, but advertising is also going to be challenging as well because it will be more focused on branding. Right now, many affiliates are doing quite well when they promote their brands on social media. Corporations are hopping onto the brand train, and because of this, advertising is going to be quite a challenge in the future. 

Looking ahead, affiliate marketing will not make as much money as social media and brand marketing, especially if the company is willing to spend money to get a substantial Return On Investment. 

5. People Will Only Use Popular Social Media Platforms:

This is another prominent social media prediction that will take place in 2019. It's been known that Snapchat usage has reduced in the past two years. Instead, the traffic is flowing more towards other popular apps like Instagram. 

The audience is beginning to feel overwhelmed with the options that are present out there. So, to eliminate any confusion, they're only going to focus on the popular social media sites that have the best features and also provide easy accessibility. 

As a brand, you will have to figure out how you’re going to reach and market to people of different channels. You will have to bring about campaigns and content that work on various social platforms. 

There is no standard template that works for all social channels, and you will have to curate content that will get you the most customer engagement. This is because the content that you post on Instagram may not capture many views on Facebook. So, you can't use the same content across various social platforms without keeping the final output in mind. 

Bonus Prediction: There Won't Be Many New Players in the Social Media Game. 

Yes, you read that right! There will be newcomers emerging in the social media game, and the moment they blow up with success, it's predicted that social media giants will try to copy their features and ideas and execute them in a better way. This will be a brutal blow to any new social media platform because users will prefer using popular apps with better features. 

If the new social sites are lucky, they may receive some traction. However, people will still want to stick to the more compelling, popular social network sites. 


We have seen substantial growth in the digital marketing industry in 2019, especially for businesses all over the globe. The social media spectrum is continually evolving, and it keeps growing at a fast pace. If you want your business to thrive online and capture more consumers, then you have to get onboard the social network train. 

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